Stranger Things 4 – Reliving the ‘Neverending Story Moment’ and What it Takes to Join the D&D Party

It’s been six months since the Battle of Starcourt and in a few days, we’re hopping back to Hawkins to finally find out what really happened after the horrifying events from the third season. Stranger Things 4 is upon us, but the gang isn’t done with reminiscing about the events from the past season.

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In particular, Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin Henderson) fondly recalls an iconic moment of the show, now famously known as the “Neverending Story Moment,” where he gets to show off his singing prowess alongside Gabriella Pizzolo (Suzie) in a piece that will be remembered by fans of the series.

It was heartwarming, and as inopportune as it was, we couldn’t help but find out if Matarazzo will figure in another similar scene come Stranger Things 4. During a press conference with media over Asia Pacific, Matarazzo coyly shies away from saying if we would see another moment from him again.

“That would be a lot of fun for people to see. It’d be a lot of fun for me to do. That would be great! But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see when the show comes out, Matarazzo shares. “that’s teetering the line of spoilerville, and I’m gonna steer clear!”

Matarazzo’s character in the show is just one of the members of a rowdy group of guys who love their Dungeons and Dragons just as much as we do. Mike, Will, Lucas, and Dustin even kick off the series while playing the iconic game in a campaign that saw them go face to face with the Demogorgon.

The gang are just happy kids just used to enjoying and having a good time, and you’ve got to be the same if you want to be part of their group.

“Oh man, a love for looking like an idiot! For not caring, just, yeah, free spirits. It’s a no-judgment zone,” says Matarazzo. “So you know, just yeah, a love for fun and creativity and storytelling is very much important.”

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A rewatch of the previous season is definitely in order because, in a few days, we’ll finally be able to see more of the gang and the aftermath of the Starcourt fiasco in Stranger Things 4. In the meantime, singing along to the Neverending Story theme isn’t such a bad idea.

Stranger Things 4 premieres exclusively on Netflix on May 27 for Volume 1 and July 1 for Volume 2.

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