Marvel’s Spider-Man may Have Considered Multiplayer at Some Point

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered recently launched on the PC to great reviews, indicating another strong showing for PlayStation exclusives. Because it is now on a more open platform that allows for further tinkering, more information about the game is being revealed as the days and weeks go by.

One Twitter user by the name of DniweTamp has done said tinkering and discovered some files that are claimed to be from the executable file of the game. On the screenshots, we see references to a “Superior Spider-Man” along with red and blue team references.

Further digging reveals more multiplayer suggestions, such as a phrase that says “If set and in co-op, Character 2 will see this text,” along with player one and player 2 tags. Does it sound like there was probably some sort of competitive coop based on these findings?

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Of course, all conclusions made can only be assumptions, but it does seem that Insomniac Games may have entertained the possibility of a multiplayer mode for the game. It would have been a great idea too, allowing players to control both Peter Parker and Miles Morales for some tag-team crime-fighting.

While we may not see the mode in the already released games, we’re hoping that this could be a sign that Insomniac is considering adding it to Spider-Man 2, where both Parker and Morales are featured prominently in the trailer and in the promotional artworks.

Do you think Spider-Man 2 will feature a multiplayer mode?

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