Leaked Hogwarts Legacy Art Book Info Reveals Game Length

A recent art book leak for the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy game suggests that it will take 35 hours to finish the game, and roughly 70 hours for 100% completion.

The leak, as posted on Reddit (we will not be embedding it on this page, click at your own risk), claims that the game length is quite sizeable, but getting all side quests will merit nearly doubling the playing time, allowing for some hefty gameplay hours.

Elsewhere in the leak, other information about Hogwarts Legacy was also revealed, including its inventory menu, world map, and much more.

In other news, the PS5 and Xbox Series graphics modes have also been confirmed, and the game will be featuring a fidelity mode that will run at 30fps, and a performance mode that bumps it up to 60fps.

hogwarts legacy screenshot 1

Hogwarts Legacy is scheduled to release on February 10, 2023 for the PS5, Xbox Series, and PC. The PS4 and Xbox One versions are delayed to April 4, 2023, while the Switch version will now launch on July 25, 2023.

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