Marvel Snap Goes Quantumania in its February 2023 Season

After its Savage Land season, which saw the rise of Zabu, Marvel Snap is ushering in its February season with Quantumania, bringing in MODOK as its featured season pass card.

Or at least, based on data-mined information.

Ant-man: Quantumania is the latest MCU film coming out sometime around next month for most regions, and the next Marvel Snap season is based entirely on it. Marvel Snap releases new cards weekly during seasons, along with a rare card that technically is bought via the Season Pass (obtainable in-game soon after, but it’s very rare).

marvel snap quantumania february 2023
MODOK (On Reveal: Discard your hand.)

MODOK is February’s Marvel Snap season pass card and he’s raring to murder things… in your own hand. For 5 energy, you get an on-rate 8-power body, but a seemingly disastrous side-effect in discarding your whole hand. This seems like a handful (or not), but thankfully there are lots of self-discard synergies that want this to happen really. 

Swarm duplicates itself and reduces its copies’ costs to 0. Strong Guy gets +6 power when your hand is empty. Apocalypse returns to your hand stronger when he is discarded. Morbius can morb the hell out with +2 on himself for every card you discarded in the match. MODOK helps all these guys, among others, but is it that good to spend 10 dollars on it?

Compared to the last two Marvel Snap season pass cards in Zabu and Silver Surfer, both meta-defining deck centerpieces – I’d say, no. MODOK seems like a very synergistic card, but I don’t yet believe we’ll be seeing MODOK decks next week as much as we do Surfer and Zabu. MODOK has a niche and he’ll be good in it, as opposed to the other 2 pass cards that formed entirely new archetypes and basically made so many formerly overlooked and underused cards better.

marvel snap modok

Joining MODOK in the weeks during Marvel Snap’s Quantumania season are Stature, Ghost, and Kang, all of whom are corollary to the Ant-man arcs. 

Ghost (Ongoing: Your cards are always revealed last. (Their On Reveal abilities happen last.)

Ghost (who we last saw in the first solo Ant-man film) warps a mechanic of the game, flipping the order of whose cards get revealed first, ensuring you always reveal last. This sounds very good, in theory, especially for those who always want to counter certain moves.

Stature (Costs 1 if your opponent discarded a card from their hand this game)

Stature is simply a huge 7-power body for only 1 energy, only IF you can fulfill the requirement of your opponent having to discard a card. This looks to provide more use for Moon Knight and maybe Black Bolt, at the least, and still close to on-rate if played as a vanilla 5-cost.

Kang (On Reveal: Look at what your opponent did, then restart the turn. (without Kang)

Lastly, Kang can be the biggest bomb or bust in this season’s release. When he’s played, the turn resets and then you and your opponent both get to replay that turn without Kang. This is an opportunity to see what the opponent has, and more importantly, to check if you have a response.

For 5 energy, Kang could be a card that takes over the endgame, but since he cannot do it by himself, it’ll still be a toss-up. You can end up punishing an opponent’s coup de grace, or they could just switch gear and play around your intel. Cards and archetypes that want to extend the game and/or draw more of their deck like those with Mister Negative and Magik might have space for the time-hopping conqueror.

marvel ant man quantumania

The Season Pass contents have been datamined by the community and featured in popular community resources Marvel Snap Zone and quite a few months ago, and we really didn’t see much change to them up to now, so there’s a high likelihood that they will be released in these forms.

That’s it for now, and make sure you make the most out of next week’s final days of the Savage Lands and get all the reward tiers you can get. 

Stay snappy folks, to Infinite and beyond!

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