Final Fantasy XVI’s Completion Rates Compare Well Against Previous Final Fantasy Titles


We’re now at the second month since Final Fantasy XVI was released, and it’s safe to say that many more players are being engaged with the story and its many activities, racking up trophies along the way. The completion rates from the first month showed that Final Fantasy XVI players completed the game more than Final Fantasy XV but still have a ways to go to match XV’s Platinum percentage.

As of August 26, these are the trophy percentages for Final Fantasy XVI compared from month 1 to month 2:

TrophyMonth 1Month 2
Falling Star (Fulfill a legacy)34.8%40.6%
The Chronicler (And thus did our journey end…)2.2%3.0%
Fantasy, Finally (Completed Final Fantasy Mode)2.8%3.8%
Masterclass (All feats and abilities to maximum)3.2%4.2%
For the Hoard (Obtain all curiosities, including all Chronolith Trials)7.6%8.6%
Here Be Rosfields (Visit all areas on the world and local maps)23.0%26.7%
Hunter, Hunted (Clear the Hunt Board)23.5%27.3%
Careful Whisper (Obtain all available items from your patrons)24.7%28.6%
Half Past Twilight (Craft Gotterdammerung)26.7%30.8%


It has been a little over a month since Final Fantasy XVI was released, and considering that it is a PS5 console exclusive, its 3 million sales milestone has been extremely impressive. A lot of players have been playing the game over the past month and may have even gotten the Platinum along the way, but what does the data say?

*Trophy data taken from trophy listing per game as viewed on a PS5. Data is accurate as of August 5, 2023.

*Trophy data taken from the author’s PS5 dashboard.

*Potential spoilers below

Final Fantasy XVI - Ultima Weapon-2

Fantasy Finished

According to trophy data, Final Fantasy XVI’s completion rate sits at 34.8%, and based simply on percentages, this is higher than Final Fantasy XV’s 28.4%. As you may guess, it’s not a 1:1 comparison because the total number of players, we would assume, is vastly different for both games.

While we cannot make a definitive estimate of how many actual players have beaten Final Fantasy XV, that 28.4% is a result of trophy data throughout the years, and considering the PS4 install base, the total number of players that this percentage is taking from could be really high.

We defined “finishing the game” as defeating the final boss and seeing the ending at least on Easy or Normal difficulty. Just for comparison, we also checked the data for Final Fantasy VII Remake and Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade.

  • Final Fantasy XVI Complete
  • FFXV Complete
  • FF7 Remake Complete PS4
  • FF7 Remake Complete PS5
  • Final Fantasy XVI (PS5) – 34.8% (Falling Star – Fulfill a legacy)
  • Final Fantasy XV (PS4) – 28.4% (Chosen King – Defeated Ifrit on Normal difficulty)
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake (PS4) – 35.3% (Destiny’s Crossroads – Complete Chapter 18)
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade (PS5) – 34.8% (Destiny’s Crossroads – Complete Chapter 18)

For The Platinum!

Around 2.2% have earned Final Fantasy XVI’s time-consuming platinum trophy. For context, that requires at least two full playthroughs of the game, one on regular difficulty and the second on Final Fantasy New Game+ mode. That entails a higher enemy level (above level 50) and the removal of the button prompts during the QTE sequences.

Compared directly to XV, the platinum percentage shoots up to 6.1%. Personally, the platinum trophy in Final Fantasy XV isn’t too hard to achieve, as it just requires defeating the Adamantoise, which is possible on your initial run.

Final Fantasy VII Remake, which also requires two playthroughs of the game, is much more difficult. Its hard mode, which includes defeating its extra bosses (including an amped-up Bahamut), presents a formidable challenge for Platinum chasers.

  • Final Fantasy XVI Plat
  • FFXV Plat
  • FF7 Remake Plat PS4
  • FF7 Remake Plat PS5
  • Final Fantasy XVI (PS5) – 2.2% (The Chronicler – And thus did our journey end…)
  • Final Fantasy XV (PS4) – 6.1% (The World Wanderer – Collected all trophies)
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake (PS4) – 2.8% (Master of Fate – Earn all Final Fantasy VII Remake trophies)
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade (PS5) – 4.6% (Master of Fate – Earn all Final Fantasy VII Remake trophies)

Hard, Plus?

As of writing, 2.8% of players completed Final Fantasy XVI‘s Final Fantasy mode. In comparison, 3.7% of players have completed Final Fantasy VII Remake’s hard mode and almost double with Intergrade.

Final Fantasy XV’s “hard mode” percentage is quite up there, with 11.3% claiming the prize. While the game doesn’t really have a hard mode per se, I guess we can consider beating the Adamantoise as its achievement.

  • Final Fantasy XVI Hard
  • FFXV Hard
  • FF7 Remake Hard PS4
  • FF7 Remake Hard PS5
  • Final Fantasy XVI (PS5) – 2.8% (Fantasy, Finally – Completed Final Fantasy Mode)
  • Final Fantasy XV (PS4) – 11.3% (Tortoise Toppler – Defeated the Adamantoise)
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake (PS4) – 3.7% (Hardened Veteran – Complete all chapters on Hard Difficulty)
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade (PS5) – 6.0% (Hardened Veteran – Complete all chapters on Hard Difficulty)

Eikonic Achievements

As for the other trophies in Final Fantasy XVI, the percentage of players that have gone through the other challenges is quite impressive as well, including completing its many fetch quests, hunt board, and even the tedious Chronolith time trials.

While I personally wanted a trophy for nabbing the Ultima Weapon, you only get one for crafting Gotterdammerung. Can’t have it all!

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Final Fantasy XVI - Gotterdammerung-1
  • Masterclass (All feats and abilities to maximum) – 3.2%
  • For the Hoard (Obtain all curiosities, including all Chronolith Trials) – 7.6%
  • Here Be Rosfields (Visit all areas on the world and local maps) – 23.0%
  • Hunter, Hunted (Clear the Hunt Board) – 23.5%
  • Careful Whisper (Obtain all available items from your patrons) – 24.7%
  • Half Past Twilight (Craft Gotterdammerung) – 26.7%

With only a month in, it would be safe to say that these percentages for Final Fantasy may still shoot up as more players complete the game, and it may even surpass those of previous Final Fantasy titles once all is said and done.

Final Fantasy XVI is now available exclusively on the PS5.

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