EA Sports WRC 23 Cover Cars and Gameplay Modes Revealed

EA Sports and Codemasters have revealed the latest cover cars and gameplay modes for EA Sports WRC 23.

Three rally cars grace the covers for each of the platforms that the game will release on: the Toyota GR Yaris Rally1 features in the PS5 cover, the Hyundai i20 N Rally1 features for Xbox, and finally the Ford Puma Rally1 graces the PC cover. There will be no deluxe edition covers.

These models, among a whopping 68 cars ranging from the more recent ones like the Rally 5 and Rally 2 cars to the historic models from the 1960s, will be playable alongside 18 global locations spanning over 600 kilometers based on real roads. Race through gravel, snow, and asphalt in dynamic weather patterns and its dynamic handling system.

ea sports wrc 23 screenshot 2

EA Sports WRC 23 is Codemasters’ biggest rally game so far and the most authentic experience they will impart.

Releasing only on current-gen platforms, the team describes EA Sports WRC 23 as “the best drivers, co-drivers, and rally cars take on the most unforgiving terrain on the planet.” They promise that it will be authentic, immersive, official, and feature best-in-class handling, building on the legacy of the Dirt Rally series and improving upon all the previously featured terrain.

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Here are the various disciplines of EA Sports WRC 23:

  • Crews compete one after the other over multiple stages.
  • The objective is to complete each stage in the fastest possible time.
  • Times for each stage accumulate through an event.
  • The lowest total time at the end of the event wins.
Regularity Rally (Endurance/Navigation)
  • Crews compete one after the other on stages with timing gates.
  • The objective is to reach timing gates at a specified target time.
  • Penalty points are given based on the lowest times after passing the gates.
  • The lowest number of penalty points at the end of the event wins.
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Here’s what players can expect from EA Sports WRC 23:

Major Features:
  • Builder: Players have the ability to build their own modern-era rally car, selecting from a wide variety of parts and engineering choices that conform strictly to real-life class regulations. Players are guided through selecting from chassis layout, body, to interior and livery customizations and they get to test drive their creations and make adjustments.
  • Moments: Daily challenges that last throughout the life of the game allowing players to experience the different events, featuring iconic moments from the 50-year history of the rally. Players compete against specified objectives and target to get rewarded a medal based on their performance.
  • Career Mode: Empowering the player to create their own crew to compete at any level of the WRC offering deep multi-season progression and managing a fictional team of engineers making key decisions for ultimate glory. Create a driver and build the team’s identity while keeping your sponsors happy and managing your budgets through a budget management mechanic.
Additional Features:
  • Quick Play Solo and Multiplayer – single-player and multiplayer matches vs. the AI or 32-player cross-network, multiplatform sessions.
  • Time Trial – any combination of vehicle/location/stage vs. leaderboard ghosts (bots).
  • Championship Mode – not as rigorous as career mode, but takes the player through different matches towards the championship.
  • Clubs – compete asynchronously across timezones.
  • Livery Editor – customize the visual appearance of vehicles.
  • Rally Pass – earn XP game-wide to unlock cosmetic driver customizations.
  • Photo Mode – capture your most beautiful-looking moments.
  • Surface Deg – physical track changes based on a running order.
  • Accessibility Settings: Assists and Rally School – Helping out new players get into the game with 10 lessons and speed/chassis controls to allow easier controlling of advanced vehicles enabling them to get over the steep learning curve of EA Sports WRC 23.
  • Post Launch Support – VR available for PC via Open VR standard and E-sports to launch in 2024. Free updates will be available as well as season passes to unlock new cosmetics.

EA Sports WRC 23 launches in late 2023 for the PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S and is available for pre-order.

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