Annapurna Interactive Showcase Recap -Outer Wilds Echoes of the Eye, Stray, Solar Ash, and more!

Bangers only.
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Earlier today, the Annapurna Interactive Showcase kicked off a handful of updates to some much-awaited indie titles, including Stray and Solar Ash. I love my indies, and this showcase did not disappoint one bit.

Annapurna Interactive, now in its sixth year, is an innovative publisher that brings about some fantastic titles like The Outer Wilds and bizarre wonders like Kentucky Route Zero. In between, there was also some exciting news of new collaborations with Outer Loop studio (Falcon Age) and Sound Shapes creator Jessica Mak.

With a slate of anticipated titles and some surprises, the hour-long showcase proved to be quite the treat.

Annapurna Interactive Showcase Recap

The Artful Escape (Sept 9 – Xbox, PC)

Neon White (PC, Nintendo Switch)

A Memoir Blue (Xbox, Playstation, Switch, PC)

Storyteller (Nintendo Switch, PC)

Solar Ash (October 26 – PS4, PS5, PC)

Skin Deep (PC)

Stray (PS4, PS5, PC – Early 2022)

Outer Wilds Echoes of the Eye (September 28)

You can choose to watch the full show here:


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