Blind gamer beats The Last of Us 2, owing it all to accessibility options

A good step in the right direction.
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The Last of Us 2, while divisive in its reception to the general playing public, has had a pretty good showing all things considered. Not only did it officially become the fastest selling PlayStation 4 exclusive, it has also been lauded for the wealth of accessibility options that allow disabled players to play and enjoy the game.

SightlessKombat, an accessibility consultant and content creator, shared on Twitter how he completed the game and even published a full review on a blog entitled ‘Can I Play That?’, outlining his experience with the accessibility options in the game, calling it “a testament to what can be achieved when accessibility is considered from the ground up and is extremely close to being flawless”.

What is particularly impressive is that SightlessKombat completed this feat without assistance from an individual with normal viewing capabilities, and has gone on to thank Naughty Dog for the efforts that they put into making the game as accessible as possible.

Steve Saylor, a fellow blind gamer and accessibility advocate, shared his congratulations for the accomplishment.

Whether or not you liked how The Last of Us 2 played out in terms of its story, you cannot deny the fact that Naughty Dog has gone through great lengths to make the game enjoyable and playable by almost everyone. We’re hoping that features such as this will be a standard in game development moving forward that will allow even our brothers and sisters with impairments or disabilities to enjoy games as much as we do.


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