EA Play Live 2021 Recap – Battlefield 2042, Apex Legends: Emergence, and Dead Space!

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Usually a part of the E3 festivities, EA Play Live 2021 chose to go solo this time around, holding a show that, for the most part, showed pretty good announcements and reveals.

Despite the lack of updates from big titles like Skate, a new Star Wars game, or even updates on the new Mass Effect or Dragon Age, there were some exciting features and world premieres to show, anchored by Battlefield 2042 and the Dead Space Remake reveal.

In case you missed it, here’s your EA Play Live 2021 Recap :

EA Play Live 2021 Recap

Grid Legends (World premiere, 2022)

Apex Legends: Emergence (August 3)

Lost In Random (September 10)

Knockout City (Season 2, July 27)

Battlefield 2042 Portal

Dead Space Remake (PS5, Xbox Series, PC)

You can choose to watch the full show here:


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