Hogwarts Legacy State Of Play Reveals Holiday 2022 Release Window

Wands at the ready!
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During the Hogwarts Legacy State of Play presentation, Sony and WB Games Avalanche have revealed that the highly-anticipated title will be zapping its way to a Holiday 2022 release window.

Hogwarts Legacy tackles an original story set in the late 1800’s, with new characters that are based on an entirely new wizarding world that will all look and feel familiar to fans of the franchise. Based on what we’ve seen, it is very much what everyone wants from a “Harry Potter” game and so much more.

As a fifth-year student, you’ll get to explore Hogwarts in-between classes, and the area is filled with puzzles that players can solve using one of their many abilities. Now only Hogwarts, but the surrounding area can also be explored, where you can use your trusty magical broom or flying mounts to travel across new and familiar locations in the wizarding world.

Watch the Hogwarts Legacy Behind the Scenes Feature

The visuals of the upcoming game are looking impressive, with stunning visual effects and locations that capture the look and feel of the setting rather well. This extends to magical combat too, as various spells and tricks can be utilized by the player as they make their way through their adventure. Players can even choose a “darker path” as was hinted at by the trailer.

It all looks like a proper immersion to the Wizarding World, filled with activities and systems that are faithfully recreated for fans and newcomers alike. There’s potion crafting,

You can watch the full State of Play presentation here:

Hogwarts Legacy is scheduled for a Holiday 2022 release for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC from Warner Bros. Avalanche.


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