Life is Strange Remastered Collection gets a February 2022 release

Enough time to save money.
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Square Enix has announced that the recently delayed Life is Strange Remastered Collection will now see a February 1, 2022 release date for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, Stadia, and PC.

The collection was pushed back just last month to “alleviate any additional pressure” brought about by the pandemic, fully focusing on the release of True Colors first.

The remastered collection, which includes both Life is Strange and Before The Storm, and features:

  • Remastered character and environment visuals
  • New engine and lighting upgrades
  • Brand new, fully motion-captured facial animation for LiS
  • Before the Storm includes Deluxe content (outfits, ‘Farewell’ episode, Zombie Crypt outfit)

​​​​​​Will you be getting a copy when it releases next year?


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