Nintendo Indie World Showcase May 2022 – All the Announcements

Something for everyone!
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The recently concluded Nintendo Indie World Showcase featured a look at some exciting titles that are coming soon to the Switch. While there wasn’t any news about Silksong (again), the showcase was packed with interesting games that can appeal to gamers of all types.

Without further ado, here’s a full recap of all of the announcements!

Nintendo Indie World May 2022 Showcase Recap

Ooblets (Available Summer 2022)

Batora: Lost Heaven (Available Fall 2022)

ElecHead (Available Summer 2022)

Soundfall (Available later today)

Wildfrost (Available Holiday 2022)

TABS – Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (Available Summer 2022)

Gunbrella (Available 2023)

We Are OFK (Available Summer 2022)

Silt (Available June 2022)

Mini Motorways (Available later today)

Wayward Strand (Available July 21)

Cult of the Lamb (Available 2022)

Another Crab’s Treasure (Available 2023)

OneShot: World Machine Edition (Available Summer 2022)

Gibbon: Beyond The Trees (Available later today)

Idol Manager (Available August 25, 2022)

idol manager nintendo switch key art

Card Shark (Available June 2, 2022)

Cursed to Golf (Available Summer 2022)

A Guidebook of Babel (Available Fall 2022)

OPUS: Echo of Starsong – Full Bloom Edition (Available later today)

See anything you liked during the Nintendo Indie World Showcase?


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