Don’t make the mistake of purchasing the wrong expansion pass for Pokemon Sword or Shield!

Pokemon Trainers enjoying their copies of the latest games won’t get any time time to rest as both Sword and Shield will each be receiving Expansion Passes, with the first coming in June.

The expansion pass will feature 2 updates, namely the Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra. The Isle of Armor, releasing in June, will see Pokemon Trainers enjoy the warm weather with new areas, Pokemon, and NPC’s to interact with.

We’re as excited as you are, but purchasing an expansion pass for Sword OR Shield may prove to be confusing at first since there are TWO expansion pass entries on the eShop. Which one should you purchase?

It’s quite simple, really. There’s an expansion pass for Sword AND another for Shield. All you have to do is to make sure you purchase the pass for the version you play for. Playing on Sword, get the Sword expansion pass and vice versa. 30$ or roughly around PHP1,500 is not exactly cheap so you’ll have to do the math first and see if your version is the same as the expansion pass.

It’s quite easier for players who will be playing Sword and Shield for the first time as there are eShop bundles that have the game and the expansion pass in one pack, eliminating the possibility of making a wrong purchase.

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