Marvel’s Avengers will get a free next-gen upgrade and will feature cross-gen play

The upcoming Square Enix title Marvel’s Avengers has been confirmed to be available for the next generation consoles when they launch in the Holiday of 2020.

According to a post on the PlayStation Blog, the current gen release is still scheduled for release on September 4 and players who purchase the current gen version of the game, whether physical or digital, will get a free next gen upgrade, carrying over save data and allowing for cross-gen play between PS4 and 5, as well as Xbox One and Series X.

For the PlayStation 5 version in particular, it was revealed that the game will have “lightning fast load speeds” that, when optimized, will allow for “loading content will be nearly instant, allowing players to seamlessly jump into missions anywhere in the game world.”

The game will also take advantage of the new features of the DualSense controllers as well as allow for a high frame rate mode that will target “60 FPS with dynamic 4K resolution.”

More information about the game will be revealed during a “War Table” stream scheduled on June 24 at 10AM Pacific, that’s June 25 1AM in the Philippines.

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