Let’s unbox the Marvel’s Avengers ‘Earth’s Mightiest’ edition

A-Day is nearly upon us and… No, no, not THAT A-Day, where the attack on the Golden Gate Bridge happens, but the day that Marvel’s Avengers will finally hit retail! Some lucky heroes are already playing the game, especially those who are enjoying their 72 hour early access thanks to purchasing the Deluxe edition or the Earth’s Mightiest edition, which we will be unboxing today.

For die-hard Marvel fans and even for collectors, the Earth’s Mightiest edition boasts of exclusive freebies that you won’t be able to get anywhere else, so this will definitely be worth your while if you’ve got some extra cash lying around.

For a local retail price of PHP11,495, you’ll be getting the following items, all packaged in a wonderful collectors box (not shown in image):

  • Deluxe Edition of Marvel’s Avengers, which includes 72 hours early access, Marvel Legacy Outfit Pack, Marvel Legacy Nameplate, Marvel Obsidian Nameplate, and a 1 month subscription to Marvel Unlimited.
  • Exclusive Steelbook
  • Black Widow Belt Buckle
  • Iron Man’s Prototype Armor Blueprints
  • Mjolnir Keychain
  • 6” Hulk Bobble Head
  • Honorary Avenger Pin
  • 5×7 Avengers Day Group Photo
  • 12″ Captain America Figure

There’s a lot to go through, so let’s start (dis)assembling this!

The collectible Steelbook looks oh so good, with the inner design looking all sorts of fantastic too.

Fun fact about this bobblehead, you’ll actually see this in-game when you play through the story campaign, keep an eye out for it!

Complete your Black Widow cosplay setup with this Marvel approved belt buckle.

Wield the power of Thor in your pocket with this Mjolnir Keychain. Just don’t go throwing it in public and expect it to return, even if you are worthy.

Be an honorary Avenger with this shiny pin.

A pin. Get it? A for Avengers…

The blueprints would make for a great framed piece.

Iron Man’s Prototype Armor Blueprints, just in case you need to build one yourself…

You can just pretend to be Kamala Khan in this photo…

A 5×7 Avengers Day group photo, with none of those silly hats from the photobooths.

And the highlight of the package, a detailed 12″ Captain America figure, complete with Shield and pedestal complete with Cap’s trademark quote. He gives really good speeches, if you haven’t noticed by now.

Looking all heroic and stuff.

Aaaand a full sized view.

You’ll be getting a LOT of stuff to go along with the Earth’s Mightiest edition and while it is a bit pricey at PHP11,495 ($199 retail), Marvel and Avengers fans just like Kamala Khan will surely appreciate all of the collectibles included in the package.

You can also view the full unboxing video below:

Marvel’s Avengers is scheduled to release on September 4 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia.

Special thanks to Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia!

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