Backwards compatible PlayStation 4 discs will work on a PlayStation 5

Many details like price and release date have already been revealed about the PlayStation 5 but many are still unconfirmed, leaving people to make wild guesses or lean into rumors. For today, it seems specifics about backwards compatibility have now been answered by a single tweet.

The official Japanese Ask PlayStation account posted a message as a response to a user saying that a PS4 disc won’t work on a PS5. The original tweet in Japanese can be seen below:

A translation via Siliconera reads as follows:

If the PS4 game is supported by PS5’s compatibility operations, both the disc and digital versions can be played as-is on the PS5. If you are going to play the PS4 game with a disc, please choose the model with the disc drive. We apologize for the insufficiency in the contact support related to PS5’s [backwards] compatibility, as we made the addendum above.

With this reply, we can now confirm that backwards compatible games, whether via disc or digital, can be played on a PlayStation 5. It goes without saying that PS4 disc based games will only work on the Disc edition of the PS5.

This means a lot of good things for PlayStation 4 users who have amassed quite the collection of games over the years, as CEO Jim Ryan even confirmed that 99% of PS4 games will be supported on the PS5.

Additionally, Sony has revealed the PS Plus Collection, which is an add-on value at no extra cost that allows PS Plus Subscribers to play classic PS4 games on their new PS5 for free. The list of curated titles include Bloodborne, God of War, Days Gone, Final Fantasy XV, Persona 5, and much more.

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