Score a free dynamic PS4 theme with the PlayStation 2020 Wrap-Up

2020 has come and gone but your gaming memories (and trophies) will live on forever. Want to reminisce on the games that defined your year? How many hours you spent hacking away at the Mongols in Ghost of Tsushima or how long it took for you to finish Ellie’s journey in The Last of Us Part II? How many games have you gotten the Platinum trophy for?

A post on the PlayStation Blog details your personal PlayStation 2020 Wrap-Up report, which will compile a list of simple stats which you can share with your friends. If you managed to pick up a PlayStation 5, there’s a small section just for that as well!

Here’s a quick look at what to expect:

playstation 2020 wrap up 1
playstation 2020 wrap up 2

While you’re at it, you can also score a pretty sweet PlayStation 4 dynamic theme along the way.

Click on this link to access your own personal wrap up. In case it doesn’t work, you’ll need to edit the URL to change it to the region of your PSN account. After you complete your wrap up, you’ll be able to redeem the PS4 dynamic theme.

Remember, this is only available until March 2, 2021!

Share your numbers with us!

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