Project Xandata Early Access Season 1 Revealed – New Map, Prestige Pass, and More

Secret 6 has revealed the details of Project Xandata early access season 1, which will go live on July 27, 2022 and will bring a new map, new character skills, new cosmetics, and much more.

New Map: Fastlane

Fastlane, as the name suggests, is a compact and very fast-paced map that features two near-symmetrical main areas separated by a two-floor train station with multiple ways to access it. Expect skirmishes to happen often, but the various ways to approach the fights will prove to be crucial to success.

Heavily inspired by various Philippine tastes, players can find many interesting references throughout the map that are worth looking out for.

New Skills

After adding three new skills during the mid-season patch of Season 0, more will be added come Season 1.

  • Marksman Hard Light Stinger
    • Fires three hard light bullets in a tight, shotgun-like spread that lets you take care of those pesky Xandats that get in your comfort zone.
    • Additionally, the Stinger deals more damage the emptier your current weapon’s magazine is. Running out of ammo is a death sentence –for your enemies, that is.
  • Agent Feign Death
    • Activate a buff that triggers when you receive enough damage. Once activated, you go into perfect invisibility for a short moment, leaving behind a fake corpse to deceive your opponents for a quick getaway, or to make them turn their backs for the perfect backstab.
    • Feign Death also grants a buff that allows players to use their Special Melee ability for free twice without cooldowns, for an even deadlier edge
  • Juggernaut Mini Frags
    • Fire off a small grenade that bounces off walls and surfaces, dealing damage and knockback to enemies it hits, or enemies that walk over it.
    • The miniature bombs can also be used for “grenade jumps,” giving Juggernauts a brand new mobility option

New Prestige Pass & Cosmetics

The Prestige Pass is Project Xandata’s version of a season pass. For only 525 X-Diamonds (which players can avail of by buying 630 X-Diamonds for ₱500), players will get awesome in-game items as they play and level up. Players may also purchase levels of the Prestige Pass to immediately grab the items they want.

Players are also invited to join in the xweaty games with the growing Project Xandata community by attending the weekly PXD Nights event on Wednesdays and Fridays, 8:00-10:00 PM GMT+8, and joining Project Xandata’s official Discord server.

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