Hogwarts Legacy – How to Open Eye Chests, Arithmancy Doors, and Locked Doors

Hogwarts Legacy is now available, and after a very successful early access period, the game is seeing meteoric playing numbers from across the world. The game will offer classes to learn magic, but will also give players puzzles to solve in the form of locked areas that cannot be opened up without using some smarts.

It’s a little tricky to open some of the locked areas in Hogwarts Legacy, and while there’s a spell for everything, you still have to apply your own skills to access many of these locked areas. They are worth it, though, as you are rewarded for your tenacity with rare materials, rare gear, and collectibles.

In this guide to Hogwarts Legacy, we will help you find ways to open more of these locked areas. From the eye chests to Arithmancy doors, and just general lockpicking, we will open the way to these locked areas for your convenience. After all, it’ll open up more time for you to explore the open world and take part in friendship quests.

Hogwarts Legacy – How to Open Eye Chests, Math Doors, and Locked Doors

Eye Chests

hogwarts legacy eye chests

Out of all the locked areas, eye chests are probably the easiest ones to figure out. As you progress through Hogwarts Legacy, you will learn the Disillusionment spell from Sebastian Sallow during the “Secrets of the Secret Area” Main Quest. This versatile spell allows you to be invisible and move undetected, giving you everything you need to open these special chests.

Simply cast Disillusionment and walk (or sprint) to the eye chest. Instead of the chest locking down, it’ll have the Search Button prompt for you to help yourself with its contents. You’ll be rewarded 500 gold for your troubles, which is a hefty amount that you can use to purchase more items from shops around the world.

Arithmancy Doors

Arithmancy Door Puzzles or “math doors,” are some of the more challenging puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy since they’ll require players to work with some math (we hate math) to open up the way to treasures.

The solution is actually rather simple, as all you’ll need to do is figure out the missing number needed to add everything up. The tricky part is figuring out which symbol corresponds to which number.

As an example, we can use the door in the Central Hall where the key is plain for us to see. Match the proper symbol with the matching question mark as we’ll solve the math door below:

hogwarts legacy math door 1

For reference, each symbol on the door corresponds to a number, and here’s what they all mean:

Master Key

  • Puffskein = 0
  • Unicorn = 1
  • Graphorn = 2
  • Hydra = 3
  • Jobberknoll = 4
  • Dugbog = 5
  • Newt = 6
  • Mooncalf = 7
  • Spider = 8
  • Mandrake = 9
hogwarts legacy math door 2

So for this door in question, the single question mark shows 11 + Graphorn + ? = 21. Using the key, Graphorn is 2, so 11 + 2 = 13 and 21 – 13 = 8. Using the key, an 8 would be the spider. So I’ll roll until I get the spider in the single question mark slot.

hogwarts legacy math door 3

For the second question, it’s Dugbog + Mandrake + ?? = 17. Using the key again, Dugbog is 5 and Mandrake is 9. Add 5 + 9 will net you 14. 17 – 14 = 3. Using the guide again, 3 would be the Hydra. So marching towards the ?? slot, we roll for the Hydra.

Et voila! Returning to the Math Door, you can finally gain access!

hogwarts legacy math door 4

Locked Doors and Lockpicking

Finally, the final piece of the locked areas is after you’ve claimed the Alohamora spell during “The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament” Main quest. With this quest, you’re able to gain the lockpicking ability to gain access to locked doors and chests.

While you start with being able to open level one locks, you can improve Alohamora by collecting demiguises at night, allowing you to open up higher leveled locked doors.

hogwarts legacy lockpicking

Having the spell to open locks is only part of the solution, and the other half will have you enter a lockpicking mini-game. It’s a little more involved than most, and you’ll need to rotate both analog sticks around to find out which combination opens up the lock.

The best way to go about this is to rotate either the left or right analog stick first until the gear that corresponds starts spinning on its own. Once you find out, rotate the other analog stick until the other gear starts spinning as well. Hold both analog sticks in the directions that make both gears spin and you’ll open up the door for further exploration and more loot!

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Hogwarts Legacy is now available for the PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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