Hogwarts Legacy – Where to Find All Beasts

Hogwarts Legacy continues to dazzle audiences, fans, and newcomers alike. Breaking the record for having a massive Twitch stream count during early access, the hype train isn’t stopping anytime soon.

While Hogwarts Legacy is mostly an open-world adventure game, it is also a bit of a life simulator with crafting mechanics and, of course, taming of magical beasts. Players can start collecting beasts during the later part of the main campaign after they’re introduced to the Magical Beasts class along with Gryffindor’s Poppy Sweeting.

You can find them all across the world in Beast Dens, indicated by a claw icon. They’re not displayed on the Hogwarts Legacy main map, but you can find them on your broom or mount by casting Revelio. Finding these beasts around the world is one thing, but catching them is another.

You can catch them using the Nab-Sack and basically collect them in your Room of Requirement, along with caring for them in exchange for raw materials to craft better gear. Completing quests with your House Elf Deek will also grant you access to Breeding Pens where you can breed your magical beasts.

Read on to find out where to find these magical beasts in Hogwarts Legacy and hopefully get to catch them all!

Hogwarts Legacy – Where to Find All Beasts


Where To Find Them: “Beast Class” Main Quest

These are the most common beasts in Hogwarts Legacy, looking like fuzzy ball-like creatures. After catching one during your Beast Class, it opens itself up to many Beast Dens across the world, and you don’t need to look very far to find them. One such place is northeast of Rookwood Castle, which is also a den for another beast called the Fwoopers.


Where To Find Them: “Beast Class” Main Quest

Another common magical beast in Hogwarts Legacy could be caught in the same class as the Puffskein. Just like the Puffskein, once caught, it opens up to many Beast Dens across the world. You can find a few lurking quite close to Hogswarts and Hogsmeade, but you can also find them in far-off lands, such as further west of Clagmar Castle down south.


Where To Find Them: “Beast Class” Main Quest

The final beast to capture during the Hogwarts Legacy Beast Class Main Quest. They are just as common as the Puffskein and the Diricrawl, but they’re mostly found near the shoreline. One such place is due west of the South Clagmar Coast, where you could also find the Draphorn during the San Bakar Main Quest.

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Where To Find Them: “Beast Class” Main Quest

The Hippogriff is a flying mount that you’re able to acquire in Hogwarts Legacy. You start off with Poppy’s Hippogriff Highwing, which she introduces to you during the Beast Class story quest. After that, you’re able to find them across Beast Dens in the world.

If you want your own Hippogriff, an easy place to find a few could be found east of Feldcroft. You can easily visit that area as it is linked to Sebastian Sallow’s friendship quest.


Where To Find Them: “The Elf, The Nab-Sack, and the Loom” Main Quest

In one of your quests with Poppy, she introduces you to the Beast Dens to rescue beasts from poachers. In this quest, you are able to capture a couple of magical beasts, one of which is the Jobberknoll. One tell-tale sign that a den is inhabited by a Jobberknoll is if it is by a large tree, and one such place is northwest of Irondale.


Where To Find Them: “The Elf, The Nab-Sack, and the Loom” Main Quest

The second beast that you could capture in Poppy’s quest is the Mooncalf. These elusive creatures only come out at night, so if you are searching for this beast, it would be best paired with searching for Demiguises. A good place to look for them is south of Feldcroft, which has a few demiguises in town to save you some time putting two quests together at once.


Where To Find Them: East of Feldcroft Catacomb

Nifflers are common beasts to capture in Hogwarts Legacy, and there are six beast dens around the world to do so. An easy place to find them would be east of Feldcroft Catacomb. They’re commonly found near human settlements near caves.

Giant Purple Toad

Where To Find Them: Northern South Sea Bog

Giant Purple Toads live in moist swamplands and bogs and are quite common. You will need to capture a few for “Professor Howin’s Assignment” to learn Bombarda. My go-to place to find these magical beasts are in the Northern South Sea Bog. You’ll need to fight a few monsters to get there, but it is worth it.


Where To Find Them: Fwooper Den north of Rookwood Castle

Fwoopers can only be found during the day. At night, the den is inhabited by Puffskeins, so pass the time to make these appear instead. You can find them north of Rookwood Castle.

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Where To Find Them: East North Ford Fog

The Thestral are magical creatures that wizards could see if they’d experienced the death of a loved one. The beast dens of these creatures are quite rare, but they are existent. In order to complete Deek’s side quest “Foal of the Dead,” fast travel to the Floo Flame in the East North Ford Bog north of Hogwarts Academy, and you can find them there.

From there, you can capture two Thestrals and mate them in your Breeding Den at the Vivarium to complete the quest. You can buy the schematic for the Breeding Den in the bookshop in Hogsmeade.


Where To Find Them: “San Bakar’s Trial” Main Quest

Another mount is the Graphorn, which you will encounter during San Bakar’s Trial during the main quest in Hogwarts Legacy. You will enter into a boss battle with the Graphorn, but once defeated, you can either choose to kneel or attack. Either way, you have earned the respect of this beast, which is automatically added to your collection.


Where To Find Them: “The Unique Unicorn” Side Quest

The quest could be found in Hogsmeade Square. Once you capture the Unicorn “Hazel” north of Hogsmeade, you can find a suitable mate for her in the single Beast Den located in the Forbidden Forest south of the North Ford Bog Entrance.

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Where To Find Them: “Phoenix Rising” Side Quest

The phoenix is the final and most elusive of the magical beasts in Hogwarts Legacy. Like the Graphorns, it cannot be bred, and you can only capture one by completing your House Elf Deek’s quest line. So by completing the quests “Plight of the House-Elf” and “Foal of the Dead,” you can then begin the “Phoenix Rising” quest line. Once you’ve completed it, you can claim the phoenix for yourself!

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So there you have it, all 13 magical beasts in Hogwarts Legacy and where to find them! What is your favorite of all the magical beasts? Let us know in the comments below!

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