Wild Rift League-Asia Kicks off in April 2023

Riot Games has announced that the Wild Rift League-Asia is set to officially kick off in April 2023.

Wild Rift League-Asia will consist of 20 teams with 12 teams from WRL CN and eight teams from WRL APAC.
Teams from WRL APAC can advance to WRL APAC Open Qualifier through regional tournaments and gain the opportunity to advance to Wild Rift League-Asia.

Wild Rift League-Asia format

The first season of Wild Rift League-Asia (WRL A1) is scheduled to run from April to July while the second season of Wild Rift League-Asia (WRL A2) is scheduled to run from September to December. The two seasons are expected to cover a total of eight months, giving esports fans a wealth of content to watch. The official transfer window is expected to start from August to September this year, and a short official break will take place from January to February 2024.

Two other equally exciting tournaments of secondary leagues: WRT3 of WRL CN will run from April to November this year, and the regional events of WRL APAC will run from June to November this year.

Wild Rift League-Asia timeline

The WRL APAC Open Qualifier has already begun, with 8 teams from Vietnam, 16 teams from the Philippines, and 16 teams from Southeast Asia having participated in the first stage of the tournament earlier this month.

Following the first stage of the competition, two teams from each region will qualify to participate in the second stage of WRL APAC Open Qualifier, which will be held from February 17th to February 19th, along with the two seeded teams from their respective local regions. Two qualifying teams from each of the three local regions will advance to WRL A1.

Wild Rift League-Asia breakdown

More information about the Wild Rift League-Asia will be announced later this year.

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