Rainbow Six Siege Year 8 Season 2 ‘Operation Dread Factor’ is Now Available

Ubisoft has announced that Operation Dread Factor, the second season of Rainbow Six Siege Year 8, is now available.

This season introduces Fenrir, a new Swedish Operator, a complete rework of the Consulate map, and important gameplay updates including a new Aiming Lane to test destruction damage for the Shooting Range, a new permanent arcade playlist full of game modes, and more.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Dread Factor calls Fenrir, a new tactical Defender, into action with his F-NATT Dread Mine gadget. This shadowy gadget releases a Fear Effect gas that temporarily limits a person’s field of view, and as a result, strategic placement of the device will disrupt an attack, allow players to watch entry points, and cover their flank temporarily.

Fenrir is a two speed, two health Operator, and his loadout features an MP7 or an SASG-12 as a primary weapon and a BAILIFF 410 as a secondary weapon.

Other features included in Operation Dread Factor are:

  • New map rework for Consulate, transforming all floors and sites to make it more balanced, complex, and rewarding to play.
  • New improvements to the Shooting Range that make it the ultimate testing and training ground for serious gamers with the introduction of a new Aiming Lane, allowing mastery of any weapon with customized training including several target types, movement speeds, distances, headshot-only mode, and more.
  • Balancing updates, which will involve Grim.
rainbow six siege operation dread factor key art

Rainbow Six Siege is now available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC.

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