Samba de Amigo: Party Central DLC Packs Include BTS and Fifty Fifty Hit Songs

SEGA has announced new downloadable content packs for Samba de Amigo: Party Central that are scheduled to launch on August 30, 2023.

There are eight planned music packs that will make an appearance as paid DLC, two of which will be available on August 30 – “Japanese Music Pack” and “Sonic the Hedgehog Music Pack”. Players who purchased the physical version will also get the “All-in Pack,” including bonus items, on the same day.

Starting September 28, “The K-Pop Music Pack” and “SEGA Music Pack” will be available, and those who purchase the digital deluxe edition will get the SEGA Music Pack starting August 30.

samba de amigo party central dlc road map

Here are the contents of the upcoming DLCs for Samba De Amigo: Party Central:

Japanese Music Pack

  • “Kiki Kitan” by Eve
  • “KING” by Virtual Singer
  • “MATSUKEN SAMBA II” by Ken Matsudaira

Sonic Music Pack

  • “Open Your Heart”
  • “Reach For The Stars (Re-Colors)”
  • “I’m Here”

All-in Pack

  • “Sonic the Hedgehog Music Pack”
  • “SEGA Music Pack”
  • “Sonic Costume Pack”
  • “Tails Costume Pack”
  • “Space Channel 5 Costume Pack”
  • “Super Monkey Ball Costume Pack”
  • “Puyo Puyo Costume Pack”

SEGA Music Pack

  • “Baka Mitai(Taxi Driver Edition)”
  • “Go Go Cheer Girl!”
  • “Rhythm Thief Theme”

The K-Pop Music Pack

  • “Permission to Dance” by BTS
  • “Dynamite” by BTS
  • “Cupid (Twin Version) – Sped-Up” by FIFTY FIFTY
samba de amigo party central key art

Samba De Amigo: Party Central is coming to the Nintendo Switch on August 30, 2023.

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