New Remnant II Ritualist Archetype Details Revealed

Gearbox has revealed new details on the Ritualist, a new archetype coming to Remnant II alongside its first-ever DLC, entitled The Awakened King, on November 14.

The Awakened King DLC is priced at $9.99 as an individual purchase or as part of a DLC bundle at $24.99 which includes two additional packs sometime next year.

The Ritualist specializes in and is a master of pain and suffering, inflicting status effects and injury on unsuspecting foes. Check out the abilities of the upcoming archetype:

  • Prime Perk “Vile” – makes enemies more susceptible to Status Damage and spreads their statues to nearby enemies upon death.   
  • “Eruption” – detonates nearby enemies and adds insult to injury by dealing bonus damage to those already suffering from Status Effects.  
  • “Miasma” – instantly applies Bleeding, Burning, Overloaded, and Corroded to all enemies within range.  
  • “Deathwish” – curses the Ritualist themselves. It forgoes standard healing and causes constant health drain but grants a heavy damage buff and substantial lifesteal.
remnant ii ritualist 2

Are you looking forward to this Remnant II DLC?

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