Final Fantasy XVI Story DLCs Announced, First One Now Available

Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy XVI is getting two story DLCs, with the first one now available for players.

The first DLC, entitled Echoes of the Fallen, is now available for all players via the PlayStation Store for $9.99 and will unlock a whole new story, battles, weapons, accessories, level cap, and more.

For players who have completed the required quests, this new adventure begins before the base game’s final battle, as strange, dark crystals begin to circulate on the black market. Players will follow Clive and his friends during their investigations as they encounter a group of suspicious traders, leading them to a long-abandoned Fallen tower known as the Sagespire. There, they will unravel the terrible secrets that await within.

Players that purchase the Echoes of the Fallen DLC or the Expansion Pass will get some bonus items, including the Buster Sword, allowing Clive to wield Cloud Strife’s iconic weapon from Final Fantasy VII, and the “Away (1987)” Orchestrion Roll which allows a chip-tune version of the song “Away” to be played as background music in the hideaway.

final fantasy xvi the rising tide dlc

Will you be checking out the new Final Fantasy XVI DLC?

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