Persona 3 Reload Velvet Room and Main Characters Combat Details Revealed

SEGA and Atlus have provided new information for Persona 3 Reload, detailing the combat abilities of the main characters of the game and the Velvet Room.

Here’s what you need to know about the new Persona 3 Reload information:

Aigis (voiced by Maaya Sakamoto)
Persona: Palladion – An effigy of the ancient Greek goddess Athena that was said to protect the city in which it was enshrined. It was eventually stolen from Troy by the Greeks.
Specialties: Pierce damage, auxiliary skills
Theurgy: Orgia Mode – She can use her built-in firearms to lay waste to enemies. Her Theurgy deals heavy Pierce damage to all enemies while ignoring resistances and activates her Orgia Mode. When Orgia Mode is initiated, Aigis cannot be given orders. But in exchange, she’ll have significantly higher Attack and Defense.

Koromaru (voiced by Shinya Takahashi)
Persona: Cerberus – The giant hound in Greek mythology that guards the great abyss, Tartarus.
He answers to Hades, the lord of the underworld, and keeps watch for both intruders and escapees.
Specialties: Dark skills
Theurgy: Hound of Hades – He attacks enemies using the kunai in his mouth. His Persona is Cerberus.
Koromaru is highly skilled in Dark skills, and his Theurgy—Hound of Hades—deals severe Dark damage to a single enemy, regardless of their resistance.

Ken Amada (voiced by Megumi Ogata)
Persona: Nemesis – A Greek goddess who personified retribution. She not only inflicted punishment but also sought to pacify the wrath of the gods.
Specialties: Light skills
Theurgy: Divine Retribution – Ken battles with a long spear to compensate for his small size. He’s highly skilled in Light skills, and his Theurgy—Divine Retribution—deals severe Light damage to a single enemy, regardless of their resistance.

Shinjiro Aragaki (voiced by Kazuya Nakai)
Persona: Castor – A hero who appears in Greek mythology. Despite being the brother of Polydeuces, Castor
doesn’t share his immortal body, since they have different fathers. He is renowned for his equestrian skills.
Specialties: Physical damage
Theurgy: Bleeding Fury – He delivers powerful attacks using axes and hammers. Shinjiro is highly skilled in physical attacks as a whole, and his Theurgy—Bleeding Fury—deals severe Strike damage to a single enemy, regardless of their resistance.

A First Look at the Fully Revamped Velvet Room in Persona 3 Reload!
The Velvet Room is a special space only the protagonist can visit. Here you can merge his Personas using Persona Fusion to create a whole new Persona, or register them to the Persona Compendium.

In this realm that lingers between dream and reality, mind and matter, you are able to upgrade and adjust the protagonist’s Personas with the help of Igor and Elizabeth. Persona Fusion will prove indispensable in your fight against the creatures that inhabit the Dark Hour.

Persona 3 ReloadResidents of the Velvet Room

persona 3 reload igor

Igor (voiced by Bin Shimada)
A lengthy, slender old man with a distinctive long nose. As the master of the Velvet Room and the only entity capable of performing Persona Fusion, Igor invites the protagonist there after his Persona abilities manifest and assists in nurturing them.

persona 3 reload elizabeth

Elizabeth (voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro)
A resident of the Velvet Room who works as an elevator attendant. Elizabeth is tasked with managing and registering the protagonist’s Personas.
As she rarely gets the chance to venture outside of the Velvet Room, she shows great interest in the protagonist’s homeworld. She will ask you to complete tasks for her from time to time.

Persona 3 ReloadFeatures of the Velvet Room

persona 3 reload persona fusion

Persona Fusion
With Persona Fusion, you can merge the protagonist’s Personas together to create a new one.
There are three types of fusions: Dyad Fusion, where you can combine two Personas, Special Fusion, where you can combine three or more Personas, and Select Fusion, where you can search for possible fusions using the Personas you have on hand.

persona 3 reload persona compendium

Persona Compendium
Personas that you’ve obtained from battle or through fusions can be registered to the Persona Compendium. You can summon these Personas again by paying a fee.

persona 3 reload persona conception

Persona Conception
Occasionally after performing Persona Fusion, a newly created Persona will emerge bearing something within. This item can be obtained by raising the item-bearing Persona to a predetermined level.

persona 3 reload elizabeth request

Elizabeth’s Requests
Elizabeth has a keen interest in your homeworld and may ask you to complete tasks for her. Her requests can range from fusing specific Persona and delivering her items to taking her out to some unique location. If you complete her requests, you’ll get a reward afterwards.

Persona 3 ReloadA Variety of Places to Visit!

persona 3 reload bay area

The Bay Area, where the story takes place, offers a range of locations to explore, such as Paulownia Mall, Iwatodai Strip Mall, and Tatsumi Port Island Station. These places allow you to buy items, work part-time jobs, and train your stats.

persona 3 reload paulownia mall

Stop by Paulownia Mall, a popular hangout for teenagers, or take a stroll along Iwatodai Strip Mall and check out its many eateries. Make use of the facilities on offer to improve your Social Stats or even expand your social circle!

Persona 3 Reload Locations

persona 3 reload police station

Tatsumi East Police Station
Officer Kurosawa, who is stationed here, is acquainted with the Dark Hour and familiar with your exploits as a member of SEES.
Talk to him to buy and sell equipment.

persona 3 reload aohige pharmacy

Aohige Pharmacy
A pharmacy located inside Paulownia Mall. You can buy recovery items that can be used in Tartarus here.
Make sure to drop by here before exploring Tartarus.

persona 3 reload mayoido antiques

Mayoido Antiques
An antique shop at Paulownia Mall that is run by a former researcher of the Kirijo Group.
Here you can create special weapons using items obtained from Tartarus or item-bearing Persona, as well as trade for valuable items using Item Exchange.

persona 3 reload be blue v

Be Blue V
Located in Paulownia Mall, this healing shop allows your allies to recall forgotten skills, so make sure to come here if you feel like changing up your strategy!

Persona 3 ReloadCompare Progress
Enabling Network Functions will let you see what other players opted to do during class and in their free time after school and at night. If you’re stuck or can’t decide what to do next, you may gain some helpful insight from looking at what other players have done in your position.

Persona 3 Reload will launch on February 2, 2024 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC.

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