Warcraft Rumble Season 2 is Now Live

Blizzard Entertainment has announced that Season 2 of Warcraft Rumble is now available for all players.

Here’s all of the new content that players can expect from Warcraft Rumble Season 2.

New Troop

warcraft rumble chimaera

Descending from the skies of Azeroth comes our newest playable Troop to Warcraft Rumble. Chimaera is a two-headed Flying Beast Mini, able to target and damage two distinct opponents with poison and lightning attacks. It will be available during Season 2 from the Guild Warchest and as a PvP reward.

Chimaera won’t be available in the G.R.I.D until Season 3, but don’t worry, you will be able to add this sky-stalking Troop to your collection through the Guild Warchest, PvP, or three Store offers—one at season start, one mid-season, and another at the end of the season.

Troop Name: Chimaera
Family: Beast
Gold Cost: 5

Troop Abilities

Base Abilities

  • Lightning Ball: Lobs a ball of lightning into the air, summoning a bouncing Chain Lightning missile on impact, damaging groups of foes.
  • Poison Spit: Lobs a ball of poison into the air, dealing AOE damage on impact and applying Poison to groups of foes.


  • Corrosive Breath – Poison Spit inflicts twice as much Poison.
  • Frost Shock – Lightning Ball applies Frost on hit.
  • Leviathan – Gain 10% additional Health per deploy.

New PvP Map

Prepare to test your mettle against fellow players in Arathi Basin’s mountain-rimmed and resource-rich valley! To unlock PvP, players must win PvE battles and earn eight Sigils. 

Play the new PvP map all season long, marvel at a rotating selection of Towers and Modifiers, and earn two new seasonal emotes featuring an iced-out Jaina Proudmoore and a super sneaky Maiev Shadowsong. 

warcraft rumble screenshot 1

Season 2 of Warcraft Rumble is now available for all players.

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