Tekken 8 – All 32 Character Profiles and Heat System Advantages

Tekken 8 is the latest installment in the long-running franchise from Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia, and with its impending launch, players will be treated to a game with new mechanics and systems that will reward taking the fight to other players.

In Tekken 8, aggression is encouraged with the Heat System, which provides the player with many advantages while activated. One of these advantages is the use of certain moves with added effects only while Heat is activated, so it is wise for players to seize control.

Here are all of the Heat System advantages granted to each character in Tekken 8!

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Tekken 8 – All 32 Character Profiles and Heat System Advantages

Kazuya Mishima – Cold-blooded Oppressor

Using the full extent of his devil power and G Corporation, Kazuya Mishima went on a conquest for world domination. After defeating his father Heihachi Mishima, Kazuya intensifies his offensive to eliminate the leaderless Mishima Zaibatsu. This brutal war divided the world in two, and in the end G Corporation came out on top.

However, G corporation showed no signs of relenting, and continued to dominate the world by force. The Union of Nations was appalled by these actions, and they gathered various world leaders in New York to discuss how to impose sanctions against G Corporation. But then, Kazuya himself showed up to the meeting and announced that he would continue to wage war. He then unleashed G Corporation’s army on New York, setting the entire city ablaze.

Heat System Advantages:

  • Allows the use of new moves using the devil’s power.
  • Allows the use of Electric Wind God Fist without Just Input.

Jin Kazama – Lightning of Fate

Despising the cursed blood that ran through his veins, Jin Kazama sought to bring an end to the devil bloodline. He joined forces with Lars Alexandersson, and together they prepared to commence Operation Lightning, a plan to eliminate the other bearer of the devil gene, Kazuya Mishima.

Jin had once plunged the world into chaos in order to resurrect Azazel, the devil gene’s progenitor. His plan was to permanently extinguish the devil gene by defeating Azazel once and for all, even if it cost him his own life. While Jin managed to defeat Azazel, he lost consciousness and fell into a deep sleep.

During his absence, G Corporation, led by Kazuya, took over the world by force. Several months later, Jin finally regained consciousness. His deadly struggle with Azazel had taught him how to control his inner devil power. Jin swore to end Kazuya’s reign of terror in order to atone for the war and destruction he had caused.

Heat System Advantages:

  • Allows the use of new moves using the devil’s power.
  • Allows the use of Electric Thrusting Uppercut and Electric Wind Hook Fist without Just Input.

Jun Kazama – Light of Hope

Jun Kazama, the mother of Jin, is a practitioner of the Kazama-Style Traditional Martial Arts. Jun displayed a propensity in communicating with animals from a very young age. She went on to become a wildlife surveillance officer for a conservation group where she pursued Kazuya Mishima, who was suspected of smuggling protected animals.

The two met and became close at the second The King of Iron Fist Tournament. Soon after, Jun became pregnant with Jin. Jun went on to raise Jin in the same place where she was born, in the remote mountains of Yakushima. However, seven years ago, one day when Jin turned 15 years old, Jun was attacked by a mysterious being known as Ogre and disappeared without a trace.

Heat System Advantages:

  • Allows the use of Kazama’s Power (health-reducing move) without reducing health.
  • Allows the use of the powered up version of Inner Peace

Paul Phoenix – Hot-blooded Destroyer

Paul Phoenix is a hot-blooded martial artist aiming to be the greatest fighter in the universe. He entered the seventh The King of Iron Fist Tournament with his eyes on the exorbitant prize money, more assured than ever that this time he would claim victory.

The tournament, however, would be suspended with the disappearance of its organizer. Paul received barely a fraction of the fight money he had been counting on, plunging him into a life of destitution. All he could do was take a gamble that the next tournament would be able to provide him with sufficient compensation. To that end, he promised to split his next winnings with his good friend and sparring partner, Marshall Law.

The pair holed up in the mountains for an intense training session in order to prepare for the tournament

Heat System Advantages:

  • Allows the use of the powered up version of Phoenix Smasher
  • Powered up versions of hold moves can be used

Marshall Law – The Legendary Dragon

Marshall Law is a renowned martial arts master and runs his own dojo. However, he fell into debt due to his son’s motorcycle accident, and his efforts to repay this debt caused him to neglect the management of his dojo, resulting in a sharp drop-off of students coming to train.

Law set out to find a distinguished master who could take over the dojo and solve all his troubles. Unfortunately, all negotiations ended in failure, and to make matters worse, his dojo was repossessed as collateral while he was gone. Now plunged into poverty, Law became bound by the concept of money making the world go round. His only hope was to make a killing at the next tournament and secure the prize money he so desperately needed.

To increase his chances of success, he promised to split the winnings with his friend Paul Phoenix. Together, the pair journeyed to the mountains in order to train.

Heat System Advantages:

  • Allows the use of the powered up versions of nunchuck moves
  • Can parry punches with Dragon Charge

King – Anger of the Beast

King is active on the pro wrestling circuit and also manages an orphanage on the side. The war between G Corporation and Mishima Zaibatsu has ravaged the world, causing an unprecedented swell in the number of children needing his help.

King may be the undisputed champion of the wrestling world, but he will need to put on a spectacle far beyond the bright arena lights if he is to earn the funds required to help all those orphans.

Anticipating the need for allies to help realize such aspirations, he set out to hone his body and wrestling skills in preparation of meeting such like-minded individuals

Heat System Advantages:

  • Allows the use of a powered up version of Jaguar Sprint
  • Allows the remaining time of Heat state to replenish with certain throws

Lars Alexandersson – The Lion of the Rebellion

Lars Alexandersson is Heihachi Mishima’s illegitimate son and the leader of the rebel army fighting against G Corporation. A former officer of the Mishima Zaibatsu’s special military unit known as the Tekken Force, Lars led a coup d’état against the Zaibatsu and took many of the Tekken Force personnel with him. Not long after the coup, the world fell under the control of G Corporation led by Kazuya Mishima.

Lars formed a new rebel army called Yggdrasil and amassed enough military strength to launch a revolt against the tyrant. Lars even formed an alliance with his long-time enemy, Jin Kazama, and began preparations for Operation Lightning, a plan to take down Kazuya and bring peace to the world

Heat System Advantages:

  • A powered-up Limited Entry can be used
  • A new Silent Entry shift move can be used

Ling Xiaoyu – Dancing Phoenix

Ling Xiaoyu is a Chinese martial arts master who has feelings for Jin Kazama. She infiltrates the Mishima Zaibatsu building in search of clues to find a missing Jin and to obtain data that would prove helpful in her search.

Traveling around the world and following whatever traces she can find, six months have passed for Xiaoyu with no hope in sight. Xiaoyu has run out of leads, but she simply must find Jin, no matter the cost. There is something she needs to know from him… It is this unwavering and ever-growing determination which drives Xiaoyu ever forward.

Heat System Advantages:

  • Allows the use of the powered up version of Hypnotist
  • Bai Yang Yan Di Po and Bai Lian Yan Di Po are available.

Jack-8 – High Tech Annihilator

Jack-8 is the latest prototype in the Jack series, G Corporation’s premier humanoid weapon. The developer assigned to the Jack-8, Jane, once had her life saved by Jack. She joined G Corporation and worked day and night to create her ideal Jack machine.

While the Jack series was already well established within G Corporation’s product line, Jane continued to devote herself to perfecting the Jack design. Her designs for the next-generation Jack included a vastly improved AI to that of the Jack-7 model, capable of learning with incredible speed and accuracy. She also sought to significantly increase Jack’s firepower with heavy-duty special armaments and an electromagnetic pulse weapon known as the Gamma System.

Amid the chaos caused by Kazuya and G Corporation’s tightening grip over the world, the order finally came to deploy Jack-8 into battle…

Heat System Advantages:

  • Allows the use of moves while Gamma Charge is activated

Nina Williams – Silent Assassin

Nina Williams is a master of the lethal arts and a professional killer known by the alias of “Silent Assassin.” She was employed by the Mishima Zaibatsu and acted as commander of
the special forces unit, “Tekken Force.” However, after failing the mission to retrieve Jin Kazama, she left the unit to work as a freelance assassin.

Some time later, Kazuya Mishima takes the lead in G Corporation’s attempts at world domination. Kazuya recruits Nina as his direct subordinate and grants her the title of commander of the G Corporation forces.

Heat System Advantages:

  • Powered up version of handgun moves can be used
  • Kiss Shot Penetrator available

Asuka Kazama – Spirited Peacemaker

Asuka Kazama is a master of Kazama-style traditional martial arts and is a well-known mediator. She once defeated the young heiress Lili at The King of Iron Fist Tournament, but after that victory, Asuka got the feeling she was being followed wherever she went.

Lili’s increasingly irrational behavior escalated day by day. One day Asuka came home to discover her dojo was bought by Lili and covered in rose decorations. But these days of farcical shenanigans are about to come to an end with G Corp’s global invasion.

Heat System Advantages:

  • Can use Naniwa Gusto moves

Leroy Smith – Grandmaster of Drip

A Wing Chun master, Leroy Smith is extolled as a hero for freeing New York from the clutches of gangs. When he discovers that the Mishima Zaibatsu was responsible for the war that tore the city apart half a century ago, he decides to participate in The King of Iron Fist Tournament with the sole purpose of shutting them down.

When Heihachi Mishima, the head of the Mishima Zaibatsu, suddenly disappears, G Corp takes advantage of this situation and overthrows the Mishima Zaibatsu. G Corp continues its invasion, and soon the whole world is ruled by its iron fist. After learning that Heihachi’s son, Kazuya Mishima, is the leader of G Corp, Leroy and his dog, Sugar, know what they must do to restore peace to the world.

Heat System Advantages:

  • Increased chip damage on block for fast multi-hit attacks such as Chain Punch
  • Restores remaining Heat with a successful parry or attack reversal unique to Leroy

Hwoarang – Blood Talon

A Taekwondo master, Hwoarang has considered Jin Kazama as his rival ever since their first fight ended in a draw. About six months ago, he meets Jin again in the Middle East. The black-winged figure that stood before him was the same that had trounced him in an instant in a previous encounter.

With all the strength he could muster, Hwoarang succeeded in defeating the rampaging Jin. However, due to the intervention of the Union of Nations forces, Jin disappears once again. “Victory was mine, but…” he said.

Hwoarang was left feeling incontent at the unresolved conflict with Jin after returning home, so he threw himself into stoic training in order to find answers. He quietly looks inward and gradually arrives at the answer — what he wants, and what he must do to achieve it.

Heat System Advantages:

  • Can use kicks during powered up Right Flamingo

Lili – Fighting Heiress

Daughter of a wealthy oil magnate from Monaco who, despite her pampered upbringing, loves to fight. Keeping it a secret from her peace-loving father, Lili uses the family private jet to fly around the globe in search of worthy opponents to hone her skills. All of it to defeat her eternal rival, Asuka Kazama, who has beaten her twice in The King of Iron Fist Tournament.

Lili buys the Kazama family’s dojo with her pocket money, decorates the entire dojo with roses, and sends Asuka a formal challenge. Imagining Asuka’s angry face, Lili smiles elegantly while petting her cat, Salt.

Heat System Advantages:

  • Can use powered-up Feisty Rabbit
  • Allows the use of the powered up version of Piercing Thorn

Bryan Fury – Harbinger of Chaos

Obtaining the perpetual generator, Bryan Fury became the ultimate replicant, using this endless source of energy to wreak havoc. Even after the battle between G Corp. and Mishima Zaibatsu concluded, Bryan continued waging acts of war around the globe, and quickly became the target of international police organizations.

Something suddenly changed in Bryan when he confronted the elite counter terrorist unit
of the international police agency he formerly belonged to in an urban conflict. Either a result of overuse in countless conflicts, or from a lingering memory of his mortal body, his perpetual generator overheated during battle. A surge in feelings of power and pleasure burned their imprint into his brain, turning it crimson red.

When he awoke, he was alone in the devastated aftermath he had likely caused. “Are you really the infamous Bryan Fury..?” From under the rubble, the voice of someone who appeared to know him said, but was abruptly interrupted by the sounds of pummeling fists and maniacal laughter.

Heat System Advantages:

  • Can use Snake Eyes moves

Claudio Serafino – Banisher of Demons

Leader of the Sirius Marksmen, a group of exorcists who had banished evil in various forms since ancient times, Claudio Serafino was one of the most powerful exorcists in his organization. After learning from Heihachi Mishima six months earlier of Jin Kazama
and Kazuya Mishima, and the power they command over the devil gene, Claudio decided to cooperate with Heihachi despite considerable opposition from within his own organization.

Also, Claudio learned of the existence of Ling Xiaoyu who was searching for Jin. He decided to get close to Xiaoyu in order to use her in his mission to locate and defeat Jin. Born in to the house of the “purifying blue flame”, Claudio took pride in his lineage, and was determined to defeat Devil at all cost.

However, Claudio lost all credibility due to a certain incident in which Heihachi betrayed him, and disolved their cooperative alliance. Many of the organization’s members defected to save themselves, causing Claudio great distress. In this difficult time, Xiaoyu and her undying trust in Jin Kazama left a strong impression on him.

Claudio, embarrassed by his actions up to that point, confessed everything to Xiaoyu and apologized. He promised to aid her in her quest to find Jin. However, if Jin were overcome by the influence of the Devil gene and betrayed Xiaoyu, Claudio would have no reservations about what he must do… Determined to do what he must, Claudio released one of the seals on his right arm. It was the forbidden exorcism arts that had been forbidden by his those before him, as its power consumes the lifeforce of its practitioner

Heat System Advantages:

  • Can use Starburst moves

Feng Wei – God Fist

Feng Wei is a master of Taijiquan who, guided by the teachings of the God Fist scrolls, aims to become the perfect warrior who transcends all — the Dragon God. However, at the most recent King of Iron Fist Tournament, Feng suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of Wing Chun master Leroy Smith.

“You will never reach the height of true martial arts with that heartless technique of yours. You are unworthy of even being compared to your master.” The master to which Leroy refers is Wu Zihao, a martial artist who was known as the “God Fist” and under whose guidance Feng trained.

In contrast to Feng, who believes that true martial arts reside in pure and unyielding power, his master Wu Zihao had always preached that it is essential for one’s heart to be in line with one’s technique. Whose belief holds the truth? Feng thought he had found the answer on the stormy night he killed his own master…yet his fight with Leroy seemed to say otherwise. (Wing Chun as a martial art is nearly invulnerable. Users turn their opponents’ own power against them to control them. Even still, if one can just break through their defenses with overwhelming power, then…!)

Feng uses his rage as fuel for his training, and travels to every corner of the globe, destroying masters who excel in self-defense as he grows even more powerful. Six months pass, and Nina Williams visits Feng with a proposal: she promises him that if he lends his support to G Corp, they will provide him with an opportunity to avenge himself against Leroy. Although he knows that such an offer means he will become an accomplice to G Corp, Feng gives his assent. Feng scoffs at the ridiculous concept of “heart” that his dead master and Leroy value so much, continuing down the path he must take to become the Dragon God

Heat System Advantages:

  • Allows the use of Essence of Iron Palm
  • Allows the use of Essence of Nian Zhang Mie Ba
  • Allows the use of Yinglong Sea Splitter

Azucena Milagros Ortiz Castillo – Perfect Blend

Azucena Milagros Ortiz Castillo, known better as the “Coffee Queen,” is beloved for her innocent personality and her fearless fighting style as an MMA champion. The only daughter of the family who owns Ortiz Farm, a coffee plantation located 2000 meters above sea level, Azucena grew up observing her father’s trade and dreamed of becoming the world’s best coffee farmer.

To make her dream come true, a young Azucena conducted countless experiments by cultivating new coffee plants based on her novel ideas. Although adults around her rejected her ideas time and again, Azucena used their rejection to motivate herself and continued to refine her daring spirit.

A few years later, Azucena’s efforts finally bore fruit, and her coffee beans were awarded the highest quality rating at a world-renowned trade fair, making her a rising star within the industry. Azucena continued to challenge herself using her positive thinking and ingenious ideas to pursue and achieve success both as a model and a dancer. She even studied business administration at the most prestigious university in the country.

However, the caffeine coursing through her body led her to the conclusion that, in order to become the best in the world, one needs not only stability, but adventures as well. A plan suddenly clicked into place for her while she captured a runaway alpaca with one hand and held a cup of coffee in the other. She decided she would use her physical prowess earned
from training at high attitudes to break into the American MMA scene and promote her eponymous “Azucena Blend.”

Her plan succeeded, and in her first year, Azucena rose to the top of the ranks as champion. All the while, she acted as a walking billboard for the Ortiz Farm, leading to a dramatic increase in the plantation’s sales and popularity.

As her next step forward, Azucena has turned her attention to The King of Iron Fist Tournament, which has emerged as the world’s most popular fighting tournament in recent years. If she wins, Azucena will be that much closer to becoming best in the world. Although the date for the tournament remains undecided, Azucena is confident that that day is not far away. “My intuition never fails me!”

Heat System Advantages:

  • Libertador Revolución can be used
  • Nuevo Libertador can be used
  • Allows the use of the powered up version of Libertador

Raven – Shadow Agent

Codename: Raven. An agent and ninjutsu master, he is tasked with special ops missions for the UN’s independent forces. Raven has engaged in missions all over the world, utilizing his ninjutsu to put a stop to conflicts before they even begin.

However, the brutal power struggle between the Mishima Zaibatsu and G Corp threatens to bring the entire globe to its knees, and Raven only sees more chaos on the horizon. To face the challenges that lie ahead, he must continue to push past his limits. With this in mind, Raven sets out to train with his ninjutsu master once more. While the top brass admires Raven’s resolve and accepts his request to go train, their approval comes with a condition: they will only cover his absence for half a year.

Aiming to maximize his results in a limited time frame, Raven decides to focus on honing the arts he already excels at. Months pass, and he masters a new art, “Shadow Clone,” just as he receives orders to return. Thus, Raven leaves the training grounds behind, anticipating the new battle that awaits him

Heat System Advantages:

  • Additional follow up attack triggered when attack using doppelganger is blocked
  • Remaining Heat recovered when attack using doppelganger hits
  • Allows the use of Typhon Fang Phantom

Zafina – Mystic Stargazer

Zafina is a warrior born into a family of exorcists whose lineage dates back to the time of ancient dynasties. In her day-to-day life, however, she uses her exceptional spiritual abilities to earn a living as an astrologist. Only a few months ago, the earth-shattering clash between the two evil stars, Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima, led to the resurrection of the original devil Azazel, an evil whom Zafina’s family had kept sealed away for generations.

Jin is able to defeat Azazel by the skin of his teeth, but Azazel’s spirit is indestructible and survives. Now, it is only a matter of time before Azazel is resurrected once again. In order to delay Azazel’s return for as long as possible, Zafina seals away Azazel’s spirit in her left arm using her family’s secret arts.

However, Azazel’s power is far beyond what even she could have foreseen, and the devil begins to wrest control of Zafina’s body and soul away from her again and again. An exhausted Zafina arrives at Sirius Sanctuary, the headquarters of the Sirius Marksmen, in a last-ditch effort just before losing consciousness.

When she awakens, she finds herself surrounded by Ling Xiaoyu, who is devotedly attending to her recovery, and Claudio Serafino, who is applying a holy seal to her left arm. Deeming them worthy of her trust, Zafina confesses all to them. In return, the two promise to spare no effort in aiding her whenever she needs it.

Shortly after, while under the protection of the Sirius Marksmen, Zafina struggles to find a way to change their doomed fate. From the countless futures she’s seen, though, there seems to be only one way out. However, that path would come at a great cost…

Heat System Advantages:

  • When Azazel’s Power (health reducing move) is activated, health won’t be consumed
  • Some of the powerful moves by Azazel’s power become Power Crushes

Steve Fox – Counter-punching Paragon

Steve Fox is a middleweight boxing world champion whose ingenious technique and pace control in the ring have charmed countless audiences. Raised in a facility owned by the Mishima Zaibatsu, Steve went on a search for his real parents the moment he learned he was just a test subject.

He encounters Nina Williams by chance and learns that he was made from her genetic material. Although they are mother and son by blood, Nina has never acknowledged Steve as her own. To Steve, knowing his roots was everything. Nina, on the other hand, believed such knowledge to be a mere inconvenience. The bell rings, wrapping up Steve’s fight with his past.

With his driving force in life gone, Steve becomes a husk of his former self. His training buddies Paul Phoenix and Marshall Law sense his desperation and come to his rescue. “If you have time to look so down, then you have time for a tournament! If any of us ends up on top, let’s split the prize money evenly!” As he forces out a fake laugh at his friends’ ridiculous words, Steve remembers that his fists hold the power to carve out a new future for him.

Although grateful to his friends, Steve turns down their offer to train in the mountains like fighters of old and instead begins his own search for a brand-new fighting style. The bell for round two has just rung

Heat System Advantages:

  • A new Ducking In shift move can be used
  • Can use Two-Faced
  • Can parry mid attacks during Lion Heart

Alisa Bosconovitch – Destroying Automaton

Alisa Bosconovitch is an android built for the sole purpose of protecting Jin Kazama, the former head of the Mishima Zaibatsu. Designed to always abide by Jin’s orders, Alisa’s control over her own actions was temporarily overridden by her master, forcing her to engage in a battle to the death against Lars Alexandersson, despite her feelings for him. The battle caused her systems to shut down.

However, thanks to the efforts of Lars and others, Alisa is miraculously rebooted and is now a member of the rebel army. Yet, Alisa noticed a worrying development. Information regarding Lars frequently interrupts her thought processes and causes her temperature to rise.

Believing it to be a critical malfunction, Alisa begs her creator, Dr. Bosconovitch, to fix her. After a few weeks, she receives a major update and learns some surprising truths: There was no malfunction to be found. What’s more, the function that Jin had used to control her—such as when he commanded her to fight Lars—no longer exists. “Go on, now. You are free. You may do as you like.” Dr. Bosconovitch gives her a gentle smile, and for a moment,
Alisa thinks she sees a faint resemblance to someone she once knew. She smiles back.

As she flies home, she quietly makes a promise to herself: “This time around, I’ll use my own free will… This time, I choose to fight at Lars’s side.

Heat System Advantages:

  • Increased chip damage when chainsaw attack blocked
  • A new Dual Boot shift move can be used

Lee Chaolan – Silver-haired Demon

Raised in a harsh environment as Heihachi Mishima’s adopted son, Lee Chaolan now manages the global humanoid manufacturer, Violet Systems. Lee carries with him a bitter hatred of both Heihachi and Kazuya Mishima, and when he first meets Lars Alexandersson—a man who stands in opposition of the Mishima Zaibatsu—he intends to use him as a pawn for his own revenge.

However, Lee comes to sympathize with Lars’s honest and excellent desire for peace. With the sincere intention of supporting Lars’s plan, Lee teams up with him to form the rebel army “Yggdrasil” and begins working as a staff officer.

Meanwhile, Kazuya leads G Corp and shows no sign of slowing his invasions, despite G Corp’s defeat of the Mishima Zaibatsu. The world is being brought to its knees under a brutal wave of military rule. But Lee knows his adopted brother Kazuya inside and out, and he’s started to fully use his knowledge and vast resources to develop a variety of weapons.

With the help of the ingenious scientist Dr. Bosconovitch, he constructs the enormous flying boat, “Víðópnir,” in addition to developing mobile warfare units using motorbikes. With these, the rebel army is able to start pushing back against G Corp in every region. Lee also invests in a next-gen battle suit perfect for close-range combat that will act as a trump card against the enemy’s impenetrable armor. It is called the Violet Suit, a marvelous creation that utilizes sophisticated technologies and is equipped with numerous features that reflect Lee’s own aesthetics. Lee struts onto the battlefield in this new armor, ready to take on whatever may come.

Heat System Advantages:

  • Perfect Input moves can be used without Perfect Input
  • Upon Perfect Input, remaining Heat time will be recovered

Sergei Dragunov – White Reaper

ergei Dragunov is a user of Commando Sambo and is feared for his alias “The White Angel of Death,” a name he earned through his sheer and overwhelming combat prowess. While the world was embroiled in the armed conflict between the Mishima Zaibatsu and G Corp, Dragunov joined the King of Iron Fist Tournament with a certain goal in mind.

However, midway through the tournament, the tournament’s organizer, Heihachi Mishima, goes missing, bringing the competition to a halt. Dragunov returns home, and in recognition of his dedication to his work, is granted an extended leave for the first time in his life. Dragunov is known for his extreme work ethic—so much so that it is rumored he works even in his sleep.

However, upon returning to his room, it’s as if he has a spring in his step. In his study, Dragunov opens a safe and removes an ancient notebook with an eerie cover, which he begins to examine. The usually cold-hearted Dragunov seems to be in high spirits as he writes. From his unsettling manner, it is clear that it can only be one thing—a list known and feared as “The Angel of Death’s List.” …However, in reality, it is nothing more than a bucket list of things that Dragunov has been saving up to do when he finally gets some extended free time.

While drinking a cup of homemade sbiten to warm himself, Dragunov reads over the notebook, humming a tune and nodding in apparent satisfaction. After reflecting upon his younger self, Dragunov chooses a task that will be particularly difficult to achieve. With that new aim in mind, he sets out to accomplish his goal

Heat System Advantages:

  • . Cannot throw escape Feint & Catch or Ambush Tackle
  • Ambush Tackle can be used from some attack sequences

Devil Jin – Black Wings of Ruin

Devil Jin is another form of Jin Kazama—one that has lost all reasoning due to the devil blood that controls his mind.

With the way he glides through the air on jet-black wings, “devil” is the perfect word to describe his appearance and abilities that lie beyond human capabilities

Heat System Advantages:

  • Annihilation Beam can be used
  • Allows the use of Electric Wind God Fist without Just Input

Leo – Seeker of Truth

Leo is a Bajiquan user born to Niklas Kliesen, a world-renowned archaeologist, and Emma Kliesen, an authority in genetic research. With a father versed in martial arts and an inquisitively minded mother, Leo uses these inherited skills to set off on a hunt for the truth behind the mysterious circumstances of Emma Kliesen’s death one year prior.

Risking life and limb, Leo obtains confidential data from G Corp that Emma Kliesen
had been researching the devil gene there. From this data, Leo also learns that Kazuya Mishima had sent out orders that key researchers who were no longer needed were to be “taken care of.” Around the same time, the Mishima Zaibatsu announces that Kazuya Mishima, the mastermind behind G Corp, is himself a devil.

In this moment, the puzzle pieces fall into place for Leo. Kazuya must have initiated the research so he could gain control over the devil’s power, and then killed Leo’s mother when she was no longer of use. Full of rage, Leo is on the verge of a breakdown. But suddenly, the words of Leo’s father, who had gone missing many years ago, echo in Leo’s ears. “Listen, Leo. Like a lost coin, the truth is only found when your heart is calm and open.” Yes. Just relax. That’s all it takes. Spurred by these words, Leo sets out on another journey in search of more concrete answers

Heat System Advantages:

  • Allows the use of moves during Lightning Glare

Shaheen – Desert Falcon

Shaheen works for a private military firm and is investigating the mysterious death of his best friend. Utilizing his “peaceful” negotiation skills, he learns from an executive of the Middle East G Corp branch that the mastermind is none other than Kazuya Mishima.

The wheel of fate must have been turning that day 13 years ago when, on the same day Shaheen lost his family, he saved Salim, a boy around the same age as him, from an assassin. It was the first time he had used the techniques his father had ingrained in him meant to bring down enemies to instead save another’s life. Afterwards, Salim told him, “You should use such skills to become a shield for those in need.” Then he took Shaheen’s hands and welcomed him as his bodyguard.

Salim came from the most prominent family in the area, and they did not think twice about taking Shaheen under their wing after he saved their precious son. Salim was bright and full of knowledge, while Shaheen excelled in fighting. The two grew up respecting one another, even as they followed their own paths. Salim became the head of an oil company, and Shaheen, a private military specialist. Yet even if their two paths had diverged, they could still work side by side under the same desire to protect the wealth and pride of others… Or, that’s how it should have been.

Instead, Shaheen now returns home to deliver news of the confession he’d pried from the G Corp executive regarding Salim’s death to his family. The next day, just as Shaheen is about to depart, Salim’s younger brother, Zarif, approaches him. “I want you to finish what my brother could not,” Zarif says as he hands Shaheen a sword. It’s his brother’s treasured blade, one that Salim had carried with him wherever he went. Shaheen draws the keepsake from its sheath. Looking into its polished surface, he makes a vow to never forgive G Corp’s tyranny.

Heat System Advantages:

  • Remaining Heat recovered when some attacks using a knife hand lands
  • Al-Ghul Master can be used

Yoshimitsu – Mechanized Space Ninja

Yoshimitsu is an inheritor of the Manji Ninjutsu and current head of the Manji Clan, a group of chivalrous thieves active since the Sengoku period. Six months ago, Yoshimitsu accepted a request from an investor of the refugee relief project. The task was to find archives that contained information on the past doings of the Mishima Zaibatsu.

After analyzing information that his clan members had gathered, Yoshimitsu is led to an old, underground cave. Legend has it that the Mishimas once used it for exorcisms. He scans the area using the technology built into his reinforced armor and continues down a dilapidated path. In the recesses of the cave, Yoshimitsu discovers the archives he has been looking for. Just then, the faint demonic aura that had been surrounding the archives resonates with Yoshimitsu’s cursed blade and causes a wave of evil to surge forth.

The Cursed Blade Yoshimitsu, passed down between heads of the Manji Clan for generations, is corrupted with an unquenchable bloodlust that eventually drives its wielder insane. In the blink of an eye, the blade infiltrates Yoshimitsu’s mind and amplifies his desire for destruction. Yoshimitsu quickly stabs himself with the blade so he can feed its thirst, yet the blade becomes even more uncontrollable.

After he returns, the clan elders teach Yoshimitsu how to suppress the cursed sword’s malevolent will, even if only barely. Still, his cursed blade has called out to him ever since that day. “If the owner of the voice I hear is the source of the sword’s uncontrollable nature, then I will cut it off at its root.” Yoshimitsu’s ally, Dr. Bosconovitch, provides him with the latest reinforced armor before sending him off on his journey out of Secret Manji Village to follow wherever his blade leads him.

Heat System Advantages:

  • Powered-up versions of sword moves that can only be performed during Mutou no Kiwami can be used from the normal stance
  • Some sword moves during Manji Dragonfly are powered up

Kuma – Master of Salmon

Kuma is Heihachi Mishima’s pet and a member of the Mishima Zaibatsu’s special forces, Tekken Force. He never misses the chance to volunteer in disaster relief efforts all across Southeast Asia. Locals are always reluctant to accept Kuma at first, fearing that he might attack them. But, with his playful nature and strong work ethic, Kuma gradually wins them over and becomes the town favorite.

However, one fateful day, Heihachi left to settle the score with Kazuya Mishima, only to never be seen again. Kuma believes his master is still somewhere out there, but waits for his return to no avail. Meanwhile, G Corp is gaining the upper hand with their attacks against the Mishima Zaibatsu. Kuma bolts to the Mishima Zaibatsu building to provide backup.

However, upon arriving, he realizes his chance to combat G Corp is long gone. The Mishima Zaibatsu leadership had surrendered, unable to wait any longer for Kuma. If Kuma lets the Zaibatsu be dismantled, then his master will have nowhere to come back to. And as Heihachi’s loyal pet, that is the one thing he can not abide by. “(I will continue fighting until Master Heihachi returns…even if it means I’m the last one standing!)”

In the spirit of Heihachi, Kuma trains to perfect his Mishima-style techniques. He dons the outfit and belt his master once wore, then begins his lonely fight. Several months pass, and Kuma—who had rescued Mishima Heavy Industries’ elite engineers from the clutches of G Corp—has begun development on a secret weapon that is sure to change the game.

Heat System Advantages:

  • Some hold moves can have shortened max level holds
  • Allows the use of the powered up version of Bear Roll

Panda – Pretty Protector

Panda doubles as both Ling Xiaoyu’s pet and bodyguard. A short while after Jin Kazama, whom Xiaoyu has feelings for, goes missing, she sets off on a journey to find him, leaving her home only to never return again.

Determined to uphold her duty of protecting Xiaoyu, Panda tracks her all the way to the Mishima Zaibatsu building. When she finds her, Xiaoyu informs her that she’s successfully obtained Jin’s search data and is going on a journey across the globe to follow after him. Shocked as she is by Xiaoyu’s tenacity, Panda decides nevertheless to set off with her—after all, Xiaoyu deserves a vacation where she can enjoy all the sights and delicious cuisine the world has to offer.

On their journey, Panda makes sure Xiaoyu is always looking her best by coordinating her outfits so that whenever she finally meets Jin again, she won’t be embarrassed. After six months of traveling around the world and tracking down what few leads they have, however, any hope of finding Jin is fading fast. Even so, just as Xiaoyu refuses to give up out of her unwavering dedication to Jin, so too is Panda resolute in staying by Xiaoyu’s side until the very end

Heat System Advantages:

  • Some hold moves can have shortened max level holds
  • Allows the use of the powered up version of Bear

Victor Chevalier – Refined Violence

Enter Victor Chevalier, the living legend who founded the UN’s independent forces. Descended from a lineage of distinguished knights, Victor has dreamed of rescuing those in need ever since he was a boy. Following in the footsteps of his father, a high-ranking naval officer, Victor enlists in the French Navy.

Viewed as riding the coattails of his successful father by jealous peers,Victor was sent into dangerous operating zones again and again. Still, thanks to the time he spent diligently training with his father’s mercenary friend from the East, Victor is able to use his knowledge of combat to come back from every mission alive and victorious.

Famous for his penny-pinching nature and the long list of broken hearts he’s left in his wake, Victor leaves a trail of rumors and stories wherever he goes. Before he knows it, Victor earns himself the codename “Phantom Raven,” and is looked upon with both fear and awe by others in the military.

Victor leaves the Navy to join the UN, hoping to find a way to help even more people as well as explore new paths outside the constraints of working for the state. Soon, though, he begins to sense that the world is on the brink of being taken over by a corporate giant. In response, he starts securing the means needed to counter the corporation’s private armed forces. In preparation for the coming upheaval, Victor exhausts all the means of negotiation he has available to him and succeeds in founding armed forces that have the authority to act at their own discretion.

He directs the Raven Unit—an elite team he trained himself—to conduct special ops all over the world while in the meantime, he takes up the mantle as leader of the UN forces. Time passes, and the flames of G Corp’s brutal military invasion have begun to engulf the world. Having foreseen such a future, Victor takes command of his new forces and readies himself for the fight. “We’d best hold the reins to the global balance of power.” Armed with an haute couture suit from an established design house and the latest optical weapons, Victor, the living legend, retakes his place on the battlefield.

Heat System Advantages:

  • Monsieur Samurai can be used
  • Caliburnus, Rhongomyniad are powered up
  • Some sword moves recover remaining Heat on hit

Reina – Purple Lightning

Meet Reina, the mysterious fighter who uses lightning-quick moves to overwhelm anyone who dares face her.

Other than the fact she’s a student of the Mishima Polytechnical School, everything else about her is shrouded in mystery.

Heat System Advantages:

  • Lethal Fury can be used from some attack sequences
  • Allows the use of Electric Wind God Fist and Electric War God Kick without Just Input
  • Can parry high or mid attacks during Heaven’s Wrath

tekken 8 heat smash 1 law nina

Tekken 8 is scheduled to release on January 26, 2024 for PS5, Xbox Series, and PC.

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