Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – New Game+ Explained

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is now available worldwide and in the hands of fans who have waited patiently for its release. While many players are playing through the story events or are enjoying the various activities that the game has to offer, some are already gearing up for their next playthrough.

If you take Final Fantasy VII Remake into account, another run of the game in hard mode is a requirement to complete all of the trophies and get that coveted platinum. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is no different, and to complete all trophies, players will need to access hard mode, which is not initially available.

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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – New Game+ Explained

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has a new game+, or at least we can consider it that in function even if it is not named as such. Completing the game for the first time by finishing Chapter 14 will roll the credits, but more importantly, it will open up several options that will allow players to finish up any remaining tasks with ease.

final fantasy vii rebirth extra settings

The Settings menu will contain a new option called “Extra Settings,” and here’s what you can unlock by completing the game:

  • Tactical Mode Slowdown
  • Materials Auto-Collection
  • Skip Zack’s Story (Interlude: A World Apart)
  • Chapter 8 Companion
  • Chapter 12 Companion
  • Chapter 12 Date Event Conclusion

Materials auto-collection is a great option here, allowing you to breeze through the field without having to tap triangle to gather materials manually. You can also choose your companions during specific moments in the game, which is great if you want to see all of the possibilities of how those scenes will play out without having to backtrack through multiple conditions like in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

final fantasy vii rebirth chapter select

You’ll also open up the option to choose a chapter, giving you the option to backtrack and clean up any remaining quests, along with the option to replay them in Hard difficulty, which will only open up once you complete the game, making it integral to a platinum trophy run.

Chapter Select is basically your New Game+ in essence, as you’ll be able to replay the game in any order with all of your equipment, materia, money, and everything else intact.

The best chapter to clean everything up is Chapter 13 because all of the quests in the earlier regions will be available by this time.

final fantasy vii rebirth swimsuits party

Lastly, the option to play the game with your swimsuits and other costumes will be available, and it’ll be nice to see Cloud and the party kick some Shinra butt with nothing but tank tops and swim shorts.

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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is now available.

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