Big game reveal teased by Dead Space writer at the PS5 event

Please be Dead Space.
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Put your thinking caps on boys and girls as there are a lot of industry related personalities teasing a lot of things for the upcoming PlayStation 5 games reveal event. There’s Resident Evil 8, God of War, and this time it could be Dead Space.

Antony Johnston, the writer for the original Dead Space game, tweeted about a big videogame he has been working on for 2 years and is teasing the reveal of the said project during the PS5 event, encouraging everyone to watch.

A follow up tweet mentions a hint about the “character having a really bad time”…

While it does sound like Isaac Clarke from Dead Space, a lot of protagonists in a video game could actually fit the “having a really bad time” requirement, so it’s not really much to go by but a lot of people (including me) are really just waiting for a next gen Dead Space.

Can we get a next gen Dead Space, pretty please?


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