Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is the most downloaded PS Plus game ever

Well deserved!
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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is the most downloaded PS Plus game. Ever. Not bad for a bunch of jelly beans fighting over a crown, right?

This comes by way of the PlayStation Twitter Account, congratulating Mediatonic on the fantastic achievement.

The game has been a certified hit, with brands fighting it out to get their own costume in game. Heck, even Yoko Taro wants a piece of that pie. Obviously, being free to subscribers greatly helped but even as a paid game, Fall Guys is easily worth the cash you plop down for it in exchange for an insanely good time.

For those waiting for a mobile version, you’re in luck… if you live in China, as the game is headed to mobile devices as a Chinese release, with no official word yet on a worldwide release.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is now available as a free PS Plus game for the PlayStation 4 and PC.


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