Ikumi Nakamura wants to pitch a new Okami game to Capcom

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Ikumi Nakamura wants a new Okami game and plans to pitch it to Capcom.

Yes, that Ikumi Nakamura. The lead art design for The Evil Within 1 and 2 who has been a beloved personality in the industry, particularly because of the E3 2019 Ghostwire Tokyo presentation where she charmed her way into the hearts of everyone.

In an interview with IGN Japan, Nakamura reveals that “a new Okami game is the project that she wants to make a reality the most.” and after the quarantine situation, she plans to visit Capcom and pitch the idea.

You can view the whole interview session below, which mostly was comprised of fan questions, but the topic about Okami begins at around the 41:15 mark.

Nakamura says that she does not mind her role if the project comes to fruition, as long as she gets to work on it, and wanted Hideki Kamiya (the original director) to direct it.

“Originally there was a lot of Okami that has not yet been told – there is still a lot to tell in that universe,”


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