King of Fighters XV Team Pass 1 Brings Together Fan Favorites

Iconic additions.
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The King of Fighters series has found its way back into the hearts of fighting game fans thanks to its most recent entry in the series, King Of Fighters XV. The folks at SNK are not done yet as more teams will be joining the massive roster of iconic fighters courtesy of Team Pass 1.

For starters, King of Fighters XV Team Pass 1 is a paid DLC that adds Team Garou and Team South Town to the base game. The DLC is priced at $29.99 (around P1,500) and is now available for all players to enjoy.

In case you haven’t noticed, saying that these teams and characters are iconic is a massive understatement.

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King of Fighters XV Team Pass 1 – Team Garou

Garou: Mark of the Wolves was a memorable new entry in the Fatal Fury series, consisting of mostly a new generation of fighters with the lone returning veteran being the legendary Lone Wolf Terry Bogard. As the name would imply, Team Garou consists of entirely a roster from Garou.

Rock Howard

The protagonist of Garou, Rock was a really memorable new character being the biological son of Geese Howard and stepson of Geese’s own nemesis, Terry Bogard.

As such, the young Howard’s moveset is a mix of both, making Rock a pretty well-balanced fighter that should be comfortable for King of Fighters XV newcomers and veterans alike.

king of fighters xv team garou - rock

B. Jenet

First joining the KOF roster in King of Fighters XI, the beautiful, thrill-seeking leader of the Lillien Knights is back to make the most out of her participation in the tournament. She can always be found enjoying her fights, partying with her Lillien Knights pirate crew, or trying to meet the first love of her life, Terry Bogard.

B. Jenet is also well-balanced with some decent anti-air and wind-based projectiles, not to mention a pretty quick fighter in King of Fighters XV. Don’t underestimate this pretty lady else you find yourself on the receiving end of her high heel shoe.

king of fighters xv team garou - b jenet


Another character from Garou that first joined the King of Fighters tournament in KOF 2003, this Chinese martial artist is all business in a fight. Gato will stop at nothing to find his father and make him pay for killing his mother, even if it means severing family ties with his other known surviving relative, Hotaru (also from Garou).

Gato may not have projectiles like B. Jenet or Rock but he certainly makes up for it in power and reach, along with some mixups to keep his opponents guessing. Truly a deadly foe in the hands of anyone who can make use of his mixups well in King of Fighters XV.

king of fighters xv team garou - gato

King of Fighters XV Team Pass 1 – Team South Town

Hailing from the fictional South Town, where the King of Fighters tournament was first held, this team of villains is just as iconic in the SNK lore as they are among fighting game fans. These three have truly earned their reputation as fighters that are feared and hated by many of SNK’s fighters, both seriously and comically.

Geese Howard

The original organizer of the King of Fighters tournament, Geese Howard is a crime boss that needs no introduction to longtime fans. He may no longer be the boss to beat, but that doesn’t mean Geese has lost his touch in pummeling his opponents to the ground.

As if his powerful Reppuken and Raging Storm aren’t enough, Geese has decent range and damage as well. Fighters would be wise on how they attack Geese because when he assumes his signature counter stances, you’ll be in for a world of hurt. In the hands of a player that can read his opponents, Geese is a strong fighter that can wipe the floor with an entire team, possibly even by himself.

king of fighters xv team south town - geese

Billy Kane

Geese’s loyal right-hand man wasn’t the sub-boss of the original Fatal Fury for nothing. Not only sporting some powerful attacks, but his staff also gives him incredible reach letting him deal pain from a distance and keeping his opponents at bay.

Surprisingly, Billy can be a softy when it comes to his beloved sister Lilly Kane, whom he dotes on a lot. So much so that Fatal Fury veteran Joe Higashi would want nothing more than for Billy to not get in the way of his wanting to date Lilly.

king of fighters xv team south town - billy

Ryuji Yamazaki

First appearing in Fatal Fury 3, Ryuji Yamazaki has definitely left a memorable impression. Despite his rather simple design, he makes up for it in everything else, from his very violent and brutal fighting style to a sadistic and ruthless personality. Yamazaki cares only for himself and will pick a fight with anybody, even his own teammates.

Ryuji can control space thanks to his flicker jab attacks that can cover both high, mid, and low. Unknowing fighters may also want to think twice when Yamazaki sticks his tongue out at them because this is also a powerful counter. If you really want to dish out the pain with some power single hits, Yamazaki is definitely for you.

king of fighters xv team south town - yamazaki

If you’re a longtime fan of King of Fighters, whether it be for the lore or gameplay (or both!), Team Pass 1 is definitely worth the purchase since you’ll be getting 6 new fighters that are iconic to the franchise and are very welcome additions to the King of Fighters XV roster.

The fighters from Team Pass 1 will surely cater to a wide range of playstyles – Whether you’re comfortable with having no projectiles but powerful attacks which Gato can provide or wanting an all-around fighter with both projectile and anti-airs in Rock or Geese.

King of Fighters XV is now available for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC. Team Pass 1 is now available as well.


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