Nintendo reveals Monster Hunter Rise themed Switch and Pro Controller

Japan only.
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Hyped for Monster Hunter Rise for the Switch? Can’t get enough of the game and the demo? Here’s a new Switch Bundle to raise the hype even more!

Nintendo has announced that they will be releasing a new Switch Bundle in Japan to celebrate the launch of the game and will be available on March 26. This new themed Switch will retail for 38,400 Yen, around PHP19,000, and will include a copy of the game for good measure. The pro controller, which will be sold separately, will retail for 7,480 Yen or around PHP3,800.

Sadly, it will only be available in Japan for now, so you’ll have to either contact your plugs or wait patiently to see if local retailers will bring in some stock.

Check out some more images of the set below, highlighting the themed Switch bundle:

Here’s a closer look at the pro controller too!

Will you be getting one? Let us know!


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