New Batman and Suicide Squad game reportedly in development, to be teased during DC FanDome in August

Hype train rolling.
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According to Eurogamer, a number of new Warner Bros. domains have been spotted that seems to point to new projects that the company is working on, including a new Batman and Suicide Squad game.

Based on a discussion on resetera forums, there are 3 domains that have been registered by MarkMonitor, the company that “is also the registrar of” These domains include:

Among these, Gotham Knights is being touted as the title WB Montreal has been working on, which has been teased for quite some time now, even sporting the #CaptureTheKnight hashtag.

Both Suicide Squad domains refer to the new game by Rocksteady, with the second one possibly being “a contender for the game’s final title”.

Both titles are slated to be released for the next generation consoles, with the Suicide Squad game being the one further out. These titles are expected to be teased during the DC FanDome event currently scheduled for August 22.


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