Seal-M Celebrates Successful Launch With In-game Gifts

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PLAYWITH Games has announced that the recently released Seal-M launch garnered more than 500,000 downloads in both Google Play and iOS App Store.

With a successful launch comes a celebration, and players will be treated to generous gifts such as HP Potion (M) x 100 + MP Potion (M) x 100 + Cegel x 30,000 courtesy of the coupon code – 7DAYSOFSEALM.

Here’s how players can use the coupon code:

  • Connect to the Coupon site
  • Insert CS number (you can find it in the setting menu in the game), server, coupon number
  • Get it by Mailbox in the game
seal-m launch banner 2

“SEAL-M is now number one on Google Play Store and App Store and we would like to extend our gratitude to all adventurers who supported us all throughout. We want to give back to all the players who have shown excitement and anticipation for this launch and we are grateful that it was a success,” says Jeff Hwang, Production Director at PLAYWITH.

seal-m now available banner

For more information about Seal-M, please visit the following pages:


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