Stranger Things 4 – Maya Hawke and Natalia Dyer Gush About Working With Robert Englund

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Stranger Things 4 is fast approaching, and for fans of the series, we’re a little over a week away from finally jumping back to Hawkins, 6 months after the battle of Starcourt. Exciting!

For eagle-eyed fans, and for horror fans in general, you may have noticed that an iconic actor is making an appearance in the upcoming season. It’s really a “blink and you’ll miss it” moment, and at the 2:43 mark of the trailer, you’ll see a mysterious figure with scarred eyes. The old man is the one and only Robert Englund, who’ll be playing Victor Creel, a new character in the show that’s looking to be a major player for this season.

Watch – Stranger Things 4 Official Trailer

Robert Englund is iconic for many reasons, but mostly for his role as Freddy Kreuger in the Nightmare on Elm Street series. We don’t know much about his role yet in Stranger Things, but Maya Hawke (Robin Buckley) and Natalia Dyer (Nancy Wheeler) have nothing but good things to say about their experience with the legendary actor.

During a press conference with media outlets over Asia Pacific, Dyer gushed about it, saying “man what a day. Yeah. I mean, so cool. You know, just kind of watching him do what he does was really kind of incredible. And such a kind person.”

Dyer was careful not to say more because spoilers, of course, but Hawke was more than happy to share a much more personal experience. “it came at a moment where I really needed to be like, re-grounded in the show. Even just personally, like, I just needed to like get my feet back on the earth in my mind back to being like really invested in the environment,” Hawke said of Englund. “he came in with such integrity and investment and care and had done such beautiful work on his monologue and I really loved getting to watch him act and it felt like a real inspiration.

stranger things 4 maya hawke and cast

To Hawke, Stranger Things 4 was an evolution of all of the characters in the show, including hers.

“I think that all the relationships evolve a lot and everybody gets to know each other better and themselves better along the way,” Hawke shares. “I think all of those relationships are just starting to meld… We’re approaching a sort of feeling of everyone really changing and becoming the person that they’re going to be.”

Stranger Things 4 is shaping up to be something special, something bigger and darker than anything fans have ever seen since it first aired back in 2016. In just a few days, we’ll be taking a long-awaited journey back to Hawkins, and we’re just as excited about it as everyone else is.

Stranger Things 4 premieres exclusively on Netflix on May 27 for Volume 1 and July 1 for Volume 2.


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