The Quarry – Meet the Cast and Voice Actors

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The Quarry is the latest title from Supermassive Games that is touted to be the spiritual successor of the 2015 PS4 classic, Until Dawn. The Quarry is an interactive horror game that features fantastic visuals and a star-studded lineup cast of voice actors.

The cast of The Quarry is easily recognizable, and you’ll see some very familiar names like David Arquette, Ted Raimi, and Lance Henriksen, all of whom bring the game to life in stunning fashion.

Without further ado, let’s meet the cast of The Quarry.

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The Quarry – Meet the Cast and Voice Actors

David Arquette as Chris Hackett

The Quarry Voice Cast David Arquette Chris Hackett

Notable roles:

  • Scream Series – Dewey Riley
  • Never Been Kissed – Rob Geller
  • Eight Legged Freaks – Chris McCormick
  • WWE Raw – David Arquette

Siobhan Williams as Laura Kearney

The Quarry Voice Cast Siobhan Williams Laura Kearney

Notable roles:

  • Deadly Class – Brandy Lynn
  • Hell on Wheels – Naomi Hatch
  • Billy the Kid – Irene
  • Dragalia Lost – Cleo/Johanna
  • Beyblade Burst – Kristina Kuroda
  • Bright Hill Road – Marcy
  • Sacred Lies – Jo

Skyler Gisondo as Max Brinly

The Quarry Voice Cast Skyler Gisondo Max Brinly

Notable roles:

  • Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb – Nick Daley
  • The Amazing Spider-Man – Howard Stacy
  • Fairfax – Dale
  • Vacation – James Griswold
  • The Righteous Gemstones – Gideon Gemstone

Ariel Winter as Abigail Blyg

The Quarry Voice Cast Ariel Winter Abigail Blyg

Notable roles:

  • Sofia the First – Sofia
  • Mr. Peabody and Sherman – Penny Peterson
  • Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – Harmony Faith Lane
  • Kingdom Hearts series – Young Kairi
  • Speed Racer – Young Trixie
  • Final Fantasy Type-0 HD – Moogle
  • Final Fantasy XIII-2 – Mog
  • Batman: The Dark Knight Returns – Robin
  • Guild Wars 2 – Cassie
  • Young Justice – Queen Perdita

Brenda Song as Kaitlyn Ka

The Quarry Voice Cast Brenda Song Kaitlyn Ka

Notable roles:

  • The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder – Vanessa Vue
  • Dollface – Madison Maxwell
  • The Social Network – Christy
  • Secret Obsession – Jennifer Williams
  • Amphibia – Anne Boonchuy
  • Hannah Montana – London Tipton
  • Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior – Wendy Wu
  • Phil of the Future – Tia
  • That’s So Raven – Amber

Evan Evagora as Nicholas “Nick” Furcilo

The Quarry Voice Cast Evan Evagora Nicholas Furcillo

Notable roles:

  • Star Trek: Picard – Elnor
  • Fantasy Island – Nick Taylor
  • Home and Away – Mike

Halston Sage – Emma Mountebank

The Quarry Voice Cast Halston Sage Emma Mountebank

Notable roles:

  • Magnum P.I. – Willa Stone
  • The Orville – Lt. Alara Kitan
  • Paper Towns – Lacey
  • Before I Fall – Lindsay Edgecomb
  • Neighbors – Brooke
  • X-Men: Dark Phoenix – Dazzler
  • Victorious – Sadie
  • Goosebumps – Taylor

Justice Smith – Ryan Erzahler

The Quarry Voice Cast Justice Smith Ryan Erzahler

Notable roles:

  • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – Franklin Webb
  • Pokemon: Detective Pikachu – Tim Goodman
  • Paper Towns – Radar
  • All the Bright Places – Finch

Miles Robbins as Dylan Lenivy

The Quarry Voice Cast Miles Robbins Dylan Lenivy

Notable roles:

  • Halloween – Dave
  • Daniel Isn’t Real – Luke
  • Fe@rless – Reid
  • Miracle Workers – Tristan

Zach Tinker as Jacob Custos

The Quarry Voice Cast Zach Tinker Jacob Custos

Notable roles:

  • Days of Our Lives – Sonny Kiriakis
  • Across the Room – Ben
  • The Young and Restless – Fenmore Baldwin

Ted Raimi – Travis Hackett

The Quarry Voice Cast Ted Raimi Travis Hackett

Notable roles:

  • Creepshow – Himself
  • Twin Peaks – Heavy Metal Youth
  • Ash vs. Evil Dead – Chet Kaminski
  • Drag Me to Hell – Doctor
  • Spider-Man (Sam Raimi Trilogy) – Hoffman
  • Invader ZIM – Skoodge
  • Xena: Warrior Princess – Joxer
  • Hercules: The Legendary Journeys – Joxer
  • Evil Dead – Fake Shemp

Lance Henriksen – Jedediah Hackett

The Quarry Voice Cast Lance Henriksen Jedediah Hackett

Notable roles:

  • Aliens – Bishop
  • Hard Target – Emil Fouchon
  • The Quick and the Dead – Ace Hanlon
  • Mass Effect Trilogy – Admiral Steven Hackett
  • Alpha Rift – Corbin
  • Detroit: Become Human – Carl Manfred
  • Hearthstone – Thrallmar Farseer/ The Black Knight
  • Aliens: Colonial Marines – Michael Weyland

Ethan Suplee – Bobby Hackett

The Quarry Voice Cast Ethan Suplee Bobby Hackett

Notable roles:

  • Mallrats – William
  • Chasing Amy – Fan
  • John Q – Guard Max Conlin
  • Remember the Titans – Louie Lastik
  • Twin Peaks (2017) – Bill Shaker
  • The Wolf of Wall Street – Toby Welch
  • Fanboys – Harry Knowles
  • Evolution – Deke

Lin Shaye – Constance Hackett

The Quarry Voice Cast Lin Shaye Constance Hackett

Notable roles:

  • There’s Something About Mary – Magda
  • Insidious – Elise Rainier
  • Penny Dreadful: City of Angels – Dottie Minter
  • Me, Myself, & Irene – Mrs. Caleron
  • Detroit Rock City – Mrs. Bruce

Grace Zabriskie – Eliza Vorez

The Quarry Voice Cast Grace Zabriskie Eliza Vorez

Notable roles:

  • Inland Empire – Visitor #1
  • The Grudge – Emma
  • Armageddon – Dottie
  • Twin Peaks (2017) – Sarah Palmer
  • Gone in 60 Seconds – Helen Raines
  • Dharma & Greg – Naomi
  • Seinfeld – Mrs. Ross

The Quarry is now available for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC.


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