Monster Hunter World Iceborne brings in Alatreon, a sizzling new event, and much more

Hunters, ready to answer the call once again? Monster Hunter World Iceborne’s latest free update is dropping soon, beginning with returning fan favorite monster Alatreon on July 9, 2020.

The developers at Capcom were so excited to bring you the juicy bits in a special developer diary, detailing what they have in store for all of you who can’t get enough of the thrill of the hunt.

Check out the video below:

New monster, Alatreon

Beginning with the most obvious reveal, Alatreon will be the next monster on everyone’s hitlist when it drops on July 9, 2020. But being the terrifying boss of Monster Hunter Tri that he is, Alatreon will definitely NOT go quietly, as explained by the devs.

Hunters will need to bring their A-game for this hunt as Alatreon is still able to change Elemental properties at will, shifting between Fire, Ice, and Dragon. Not only that but his strengths and weaknesses will also change according to his current Element. And that’s just half of what hunters will need to worry about.

When changing between elements, Alatreon will let out a devastating attack called the Escaton Judgment that has a wide area of effect and is capable of draining two (Yes two!) full life bars. The developers however gave a tip that to weaken the impact of the Escaton Judgment you must attack Alatreon with its current elemental weakness. It’s really sounding like Alatreon will not be easy to bring down, but the rewards look promising enough to press on.

Alatreon Armor Set

When you do bring down this beast, here’s what hunters can expect should they want to complete the whole Alatreon armor set. Both male and female sets look quite stunning and really bring out the Alatreon’s scaly design. The same can be said with the Palico set. But that’s not all.

All you hunters who work with elemental damage may find this armor useful as equipping two pieces will net you the armor’s unique set bonus. To put it simply, not only will it boost up all your elemental resistance, but the set bonus will also increase the elemental damage of the weapon you’re using, depending on what elemental property it has.

New Monster, Frostfang Barioth

The newest monster variant also revealed during this Developer Diary is the Frostfang Barioth.

Sporting a more rugged and menacing look judging from the messed up fur and eerie glowing eyes, this Barioth variant will have more powerful ice attacks as its breath can freeze the ground you’re standing on, and even deal iceblight status ailment.

Ready your ice resistance equipment to fight this monster beginning August 7 to 19 as an Event Quest as a Tempered monster.

Frostfang Barioth Armor Set

Here’s what you can wear when you get enough materials from this Barioth Variant. Sporting a more heavy armor look for both male and female sets, the armor set really reflects the Frostfang Barioth icy and ferocious demeanor… in other words, it looks badass! Even the Palico set looks stylish.

The bonus skills may also be useful to most hunters. Great Sword users will be happy to know that equipping just one piece of the armor set will give you Punishing Draw right off the bat, and being able to deal increased damage along with a stun effect on your draw sounds like the right fit for a Great Sword. On the other hand, equipping 3 pieces will grant hunters Slugger secret which basically lets weapon that normally don’t stun deal stun damage.

Sizzling Spice Fest Event

Also revealed in the Developer Diary, Monster Hunter’s next major event will be the Sizzling Spice Fest which has more of a Brazilian carnival motif to it. That would explain why the Pukei-Pukei is at the center of the theme on account of the monster’s colorful design. And like past events the hub and all its staff will be dressed for the occasion.

As expected of the event’s theme, it’s pretty safe to assume you’ll earn tickets to craft these colorful armor sets that just screams samba. Palicoes won’t be left out as you can craft Pukei-Pukei themed armors for them.

And of course the Handler and everyone’s favorite pig Poogie aren’t left out as they’re also dressed for the occasion. Poogie is already cute but that Kulu Ya Ku themed piggy costume just ups the cuteness even more.

Those of you who also like to play with snowmen will be getting a treat as even the snowmen will be given the Sizzling Spice Fest makeover.

Not only that, but also expect to craft these new, and a bit disturbing, new gears for your hunters. Yes, when we said disturbing, we mean those Kelbi and Aptonoth heads. They’re still awesome though. At least there’s those cute bunny ears or that Gold Pearl Snatcher head accessory.

And we can’t forget these new mug shaped Dual Blades. Who says you can’t drink on the job now.

Feast on hearty meat meals and party on in your best samba gear when the Sizzling Spice Fest drops from July 22 to August 6.

Upcoming Updates and Add-Ons

The developers also announcement lots of new features that hunters will find useful and even enjoy.

Those of you having a hard time finding that certain monster in the Guiding Lands will be happy to know that you can now craft Special Tracks to lure specific monsters, provided that you have the necessary materials and that you’ve already encountered said monster in the Guiding Lands.

There’s going to be some new pendants like these butterflies and fulgurbugs, as well as more new room decors to customize your room with. New Guild and Squad cards, some reflecting the festivities, will also be available.

Finally the Developer Diary presentation concluded with a look on what’s coming up next on the roadmap, and your attention surely must have went to those spots that say “Returning Monster” and “Master Rank Layered Armor,” because who doesn’t get excited speculating what new monster will be coming to Iceborne. Not to mention to be able to wear your favorite Master Rank armor sets as cosmetics.

The next update is packed with content that hunters would want to look forward to when it hits starting July 9!

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