Ganyu headlines the latest content drop for Genshin Impact

The 1.2 Update for Genshin Impact may have been already released back in December 2020 but there’s still a lot more content on the way, with players already likely exploring the new Dragonspine area and also having tried their luck in getting the new playable character Albedo. It looks like Albedo’s time in the spotlight is done for now as here is a rundown of the latest content for 1.2, which features the new character Ganyu.

New character

Make way for a new Cryo based character as the “Plenilune Gaze” Ganyu is going to be up for grabs. Along with this new 5-Star bow user, players will get a chance to get Xiangliang, Xingqiu, and Noelle as well with their drop-rate also getting a boost. Those who want to try out Ganyu and other characters too will get a chance in Character Trial events also offered as part of the 1.2 Update.

New Event

A new event awaits players with The Chalk Prince and The Dragon already underway. There are a number of requirements though before you can start it, namely you need to be Adventure Rank 20, you must finish the 2nd Act of the Archon Quest “For A Tomorrow Without Tear,” and you need to finish Albedo’s Story Quest, “Princeps Cretaceus Chapter.” There’s five Acts to go through and great rewards await those who finish the event.

Event Wishes and a Ganyu Story Quest

If you can afford to make some wishes, then now would be the best time to try your luck as weapons will also get a drop-rate boost, with 5-Star weapons Amos’ Bow and Skyward Pride for all you bow and claymore users out there to try to get. And of course with a new playable character comes a new Story Quest with Ganyu getting her own with the “Sinae Unicornis Chapter.”

Event Rewards and Login Bonuses

Aside from enjoying new quest and characters, don’t forget you can get rewards for reaching certain scores, with the event-exclusive namecard style “Celebration: Hypostasis” at the forefront. And of course like any other Gacha, do mind when you login as doing so for seven days during the event period will net you some neat rewards like those precious Primogems among other things.

Genshin Impact is now available for the PlayStation 4|5, PC, and Mobile.

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