Mass Effect Legendary Edition choices made by players are rather interesting

Mass Effect Legendary Edition released a couple of months back to the delight of the fans, and it was great seeing old and new players step into the normandy once again to save the universe. Over the course of the trilogy, many choices have been made, but some will always be more memorable than others.

Bioware shared some pretty interesting numbers for the game, and needless to say, we’re quite surprised at how a lot of these turned out!

Spoiler Alert – if you haven’t played the game yet, look away!

Mass Effect Legendary Edition – Your Shepard

mass effect legendary edition choices 1

A staggering 68% of players chose MaleShep over FemShep. I’m not surprised, but disappointed rather, because I know they just wanted to romance Miranda. Don’t lie.

40% of players chose the basic Soldier class, which personally is one of the most versatile classes in the game when used right.

Earthborn pre-service history was the most popular choice, followed by the Survivor profile, just edging out the War Hero (my choice).

Mass Effect Legendary Edition – Virmire

mass effect legendary edition choices 2

Even though I chose FemShep, I still personally chose saving Ashley over Kaidan, because that guy was just as dry sa paste. Apparently, 60% of players thought that was a good choice too.

94% of players also have Wrex survive the Virmire mission, which was not surprising at all.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition – Rachni Queen

mass effect legendary edition choices 3

Seems Starship Troopers was wrong on this one, as an overwhelming 93% of players (including me), saved and allied with the Rachni Queen in the first game.

For the 7% that didn’t, 67% of those proceeded to kill the Reaper Breeder Queen come Mass Effect 3.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition – Suicide Mission

mass effect legendary edition choices 4

If you take the time to play it through, it’s actually quite easy to have all your squadmates survive the Suicide Mission in Mass Effect 2. Based on the numbers though, it isn’t surprising that best boy Garrus is the number 1 survivor on the list.

What is surprising though, is Jacob sitting at number 2, beating out the likes of Miranda, Kasumi (a personal favorite), Thane, and Tali.

96% of players moved on to cure the Genophage and pardoned Tali as well.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition – Most popular squadmates

mass effect legendary edition choices 5

Unsurprisingly, Garrus also takes the top spot as the most favorite squadmate from the first game. There’s really no other correct answer, to be honest. Tali and Liara round up the top 3.

Also unsurprisingly, Kaidan is last. I guess other players probably thought he was dry as paste too.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition – Other choices

mass effect legendary edition choices 6

I’m personally surprised ONLY 68% chose to punch that reporter in the face. I guess these players didn’t want to get a renegade point on a full paragon run, but this choice should have been skewed even more, if you were to ask me.

Also, I feel attacked about that last scanned Keeper. Dammit, BioWare.

What choices have you made on your Mass Effect Legendary Edition Playthrough? We’d love to hear ’em!

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