VALORANT’s Newest Agent ‘Neon’ Hails From The Philippines

Riot Games and VALORANT have unveiled the latest agent to join the roster and it is none other than Neon, who is a Philippines-based agent that has impeccable style and taste in music. Neon joins the game alongside Episode Four which goes live next week.

VALORANT agent Neon

Filipinos have been making a mark in the VALORANT scene and just recently, Team Secret performed admirably in the world stage, besting other teams and proving that we can compete with the best of them.

As such, Neon hails from the Philippines and as evidenced by the trailer alone, there are a lot of Filipino-inspired items scattered all throughout like a Gilas Pilipinas basketball jersey and a Walis Tambo, along with a rocking soundtrack entitled “Entertain Me” by Filipina recording artist Ylona Garcia and 88rising.

You even get to hear her dish out some phrases in our local language like “Kontrolado ko to!” and “Hay, buhay” in a distinctive accent.

Throughout the trailer, there are bits and pieces of gameplay that shows how she will fit into the game and could quite possibly shift the meta due to her speedy movement along with a slide ability. You can also see her putting up a narrow double wall that will certainly be of great use by many teams for controlling sightlines and areas.

VALORANT Agent Neon Voice Actor

Capping off the full Filipino experience for Neon is her voice actor, Vanille Velasquez, who is best known for her works as Yuni (Unicorn Girls), Amy (Pandora in the Crimson Shell), and the Heroine (Project Star: Makeover Story).

It’s great that Riot Games is shining the spotlight on other nationalities and it would be cool to see what country is represented next in the game!

VALORANT is now available and free-to-play on PC.

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