New Sony Patent Suggests Modern Compatibility for Outdated Peripherals

A new patent from Sony could possibly bring outdated peripherals like the EyeToy back to life.

The patent, as spotted by Game Rant, is titled “Systems and Methods For Converting A Legacy Code Into An Updated Code” and seems to suggest some sort of emulation process that seemingly shows a bunch of peripherals like the EyeToy and what looks to be like a PSP Go. In fact, there’s even one that’s named “Legacy Card Reader,” which might suggest some sort of memory card compatibility.

For now, there’s no real way to know what Sony’s plan is for this patent, but we can speculate that it seems aimed at offering players another avenue of peripheral preservation. With the new PS Plus allowing players access to classic titles from previous console generations, this could be the next step in their ongoing efforts for game preservation.

Look – New Sony Patent showing various peripherals
sony patent ps5 accessories

You can view the full details of the patent HERE, including additional supporting images, but be warned of very technical terms and descriptions.

What do you think of this? Will you be using your old peripherals if they indeed become usable again?

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