Horizon Zero Dawn Remaster Reportedly in Development for the PS5, Multiplayer Game Planned for PS5 and PC

Hot on the heels of the controversial The Last of Us Part I remake, Sony is reportedly working on a remaster of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Yes, the same game from 2017.

According to a report from MP1ST, which has since been corroborated by VGC and other insiders like Tom Henderson, this new version will include updated visuals that will bring it up to par with Horizon Forbidden West. The report specifically claims that this update will showcase improved lighting, overhauled textures, and new character models with better animations.

Additionally, this new version will also add accessibility features, graphic modes, and “subtle” gameplay and quality of life improvements.

It is currently unclear whether this effort is on the same scale as The Last of Us Part I, which was tagged as a “built from the ground up” remake. In case the report is true, which is looking like it is, then we’ll have to wait for Sony’s official announcement for more details.

The report continues to say that a Horizon Zero Dawn multiplayer game is also in the works for the PS5 and PC. Co-op was originally planned for the 2017 game but was scrapped and is being saved “for a future project, which they believed would either be a standalone online spin-off, or Horizon 3,” according to VGC.

What do you think of this development? Is a remaster for Horizon Zero Dawn necessary?

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