Hearthstone’s Latest Update Heralds a Return to Naxxramas

Blizzard Entertainment has announced that patch 25.4 will launch the 38-card March of the Lich King Mini-Set, Return to Naxxramas, starting February 14.

The mini-set includes four powerful Legendary minions, seven new dual-type minions, and a Location card for the Death Knight class.

Frost Queen Sindragosa headlines the mini-set as the first Death Knight minion to hold mixed Runes, and will be a Colossal Undead Dragon paired with 2 wings that can freeze opponents.

Players will also gain entry to the Construct Quarter, a new Location for the Death Knight class, and synergize with seven freshly added dual-type minions.

hearthstone frost queen sindragosa

In the update, Hearthstone Mercenaries will also gain six all-new mercenaries, plus a Mythic Boss Rush end-game system, reaching completion of the game mode. Players can add six new Mercenaries to their parties and challenge them with an onslaught of bosses to earn Renown. Mythic Boss Rush will refresh weekly, unlocking a new Boss every day, giving players plenty of opportunity to earn and spend Renown beyond max level.

Hearthstone Mercenaries will also get Faction identities when new dual-types arrive in the mode, allowing players to fully synergize their parties of Human-Undead, Celestial-Beasts, and more. In addition, many Mercenaries will also be gaining new faction flags to announce their allegiance with the Explorers, Legion, Empire, Scourge, or Pirates. These new faction flags are in conjunction with Horde and Alliance labels, allowing players extra synergies for their Abilities, Equipment, and Treasures.

hearthstone mercenaries naxx update

Lastly, Players can show off their love for their adorable corgi companions with brand-new cosmetics! Darion leads the Corgle team with a Death Knight bundle, and Nemsy shows off a corgi mascot with her Warlock bundle—both bundles will be available in the Hearthstone shop. 

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