Diablo IV Endgame Progression Details Revealed

Blizzard Entertainment has published a new developer video that gives players a look at what the Diablo IV endgame progression holds for them.

In the video, the following Diablo IV endgame details have been revealed:

  • After finishing the campaign, challenge yourselves with higher World Tier difficulties by completing Capstone Dungeons. The higher the World Tier, the more loot and advantages your character can get.
  • The Paragon System contains even more opportunities to refine your perfect character build beyond the initial Skill Tree to make it uniquely yours. Choose a path and which boons and glyphs you would like to pursue based on your play style.
  • Add to the Codex of Power by finding Aspects hidden away in dungeons. This will allow you to take items found in the world and turn them into more powerful legendary items.
  • There are over 120 dungeons in Sanctuary and any one of them can become a Nightmare Dungeon. Use Nightmare Sigils to activate the Nightmare version of dungeons and add more difficult objectives and challenges to conquer.
  • Even more powerful monsters roam Sanctuary for those that have completed the campaign. Defeat these monsters in Helltide areas to collect shards that can be used to purchase big rewards at caches.
  • Head to the Tree of Whispers to collect Whispers of the Dead. With every bounty that is completed, players can return to the tree to receive a big reward cache.
  • For those looking to test themselves against other players, they can do so in the Fields of Hatred. In this PvP area, players can choose to engage in player vs player conflict or complete tasks to collect shards to purify in town. Rewards await those with purified shards, but all players in the Fields will be at risk to those looking to PvP.
  • As a Live Service game, Diablo IV will continue to be updated long after launch.
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Diablo IV is launching on June 6, 2023 for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC.

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