Diablo IV’s First Season Adds Battle Pass, Goes Live on July 20

Blizzard Entertainment has announced that Diablo IV’s first season, entitled “Season of the Malignant”, will go live across all platforms on July 20.

This first season will include 6 new Unique Items and 7 Legendary Aspects, among other new updates to the game like a new questline, a new boss, dungeons, battle pass, and much more.

Diablo IV’s seasons will follow the tradition of previous Diablo games, giving players an opportunity to start the Season Journey fresh with the new features and gameplay mechanics that have been added. With everyone on an even playing field, players can try out new classes and builds that they have been curious about—or journey through the season with an established favorite class/build—while engaging in the seasonal mechanics for a new experience.

Leveling up a new character is Diablo IV’s first season doesn’t require starting from scratch, as it brings with it the previous renown gained from discovering the map and the benefits from the Altars of Lilith players have found. If you have the mount unlocked, you will also be able to use it immediately on your new character. After each season concludes, all characters will be migrated to the Eternal Realm, where players will be able to access them permanently.

diablo iv season of the malignant key art

Here are the details of Diablo IV’s first season:

  • A New Adventure Arrives: A dangerous new threat roams the land in the form of Malignant Monsters. Team up with Cormond, a former priest, to stop the spread of the Malignant at all costs.
  • Fight the Infestation: Destroy these Malignant Monsters by drawing the corruption from them and trapping their Malignant Hearts, which can then be inserted into Rings and Amulets.
  • No Prior Experience Required: New players will be able to jump into seasonal realms and play through the main campaign as they learn the basics and then go straight into the season content and new systems introduced. They will also be able to progress along parts of the season journey and battle pass as they play. Hardcore players will be able to create new characters and experiment with new builds or classes as they play through the season journey. Seasons add an entirely new way to customize characters and build up their power as they take on end-game challenges.
  • Season Journey: This multi-chapter objective system rewards players for completing each chapter. With multiple Chapters, you can earn Favor from rewards which will progress the Battle Pass.
  • Battle Pass: By earning Favor through regular gameplay or purchasing optional tier skips, players can earn rewards as they complete Battle Pass tiers. The Battle Pass offers a free tier where everyone can earn Season Boosts to accelerate player progress. If a player chooses to purchase the paid tier, they can also earn exclusive Battle Pass cosmetics.

Diablo IV’s first season, entitled “Season of the Malignant”, will go live across all platforms on July 20.

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