Nintendo’s Next-gen Console Reportedly Targeting 2024 Release

Some details of Nintendo’s next-gen console have reportedly been uncovered as development kits for it has been sent over to the company’s key partner studios.

As reported by VGC, multiple people with knowledge of the console plans say that the company is aiming for the second half of 2024 to avoid issues with shortages similar to what happened to the PS5 and Xbox Series, ensuring that day-one stocks will be enough to satisfy demand.

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More importantly, the report further says that the next-gen console can still be used in portable mode like the current Switch, which was one of the big factors as to why the Switch is selling so well. Additionally, a cartridge slot will also make its way back, accepting physical games like the Switch.

Unfortunately, VGC says that two sources have suggested that an LCD screen will be used to cut down costs instead of a more premium OLED version. This is mostly due to the fact that more storage will be needed for the higher-fidelity titles.

Other details like backward compatibility for the current lineup of Switch games are unclear, but given that Nintendo wants to take advantage of its current user base, then it could be a good idea for Nintendo to make it so.

At the moment, Nintendo has not hinted at anything related to their next-gen console, but given that the current Switch was released back in 2017, next year does sound about right for a new console for the Japanese giant.

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Are you looking forward to the next console from Nintendo?

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