Endless Dungeon Introduces Drakken Mixologist ‘Fassie’

SEGA and Amplitude Studios have introduced Fassie, the latest hero making an appearance in the tactical action game Endless Dungeon.

Here’s an overview of the newest Endless Dungeon hero, Fassie:

Fassonandu (or Fassie for short) is a Drakken, a species once native to the planet Auriga. The Endless found them fascinating enough to distribute their DNA for manipulation across dozens of labs in dozens of systems, and as a result, there are little pockets of Drakken all over the place.

Most, like Fassie’s family, are happy to manage the peace and prosperity of their little corner of the cosmos. Fassie, however, dreams of bigger and older things. That drive had him crossing the galaxy in search of components for potions and elixirs; these days, refined but ambitious, he seeks the specs of legendary mixologists and a legendary beverage.

Fassie is both support and attack — With his skillset, he can bring out the best in his teammates while dealing considerable damage to the enemy.

  • Stay Classy (Passive Skill) – Wit is increased for each monster in the same room (up to a cap)
  • Shot! (Special Skill) – Throws a drink at a targeted hero whose Fire rate and Attack Damage are
    increased depending on the number of monsters in the room (up to a cap)
  • Bar Fight (Ultimate Skill) – Nearby monsters fight each other while efficiency of nearby Heroes
fassie hero endless dungeon

Endless Dungeon is scheduled to launch on PC and Consoles on October 19.

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