Star Ocean The Second Story R Reveals New Game+ and ‘Assault Action’ Details

Square Enix has announced new details about the New Game+ feature for Star Ocean The Second Story R.

What carries over in Star Ocean The Second Story R New Game+

The game will have a new game+ feature after completing it, allowing players to reach all the different endings as they choose either protagonist again for the new playthrough.

Here are all the things that are carried over:

  • Player level, SP/BP, skill level
  • Acquisition and upgrade status of skills
  • Weapons, armor, and accessories
  • FOL, key items, all other items
  • Friendship level of each character
  • Completion rate of all encyclopedias, etc.

Here’s everything that will not carry over:

  • Unlock status of Fast Travel points
  • Psynard acquisition status
  • Private Action progress
  • Treasure chest acquisition status
  • Key items related to the story, some other items
  • Status of pickpocket usage
  • Which Arts & Spells are equipped, etc.
star ocean the second story r assault actions characters

Additionally, Star Ocean The Second Story R will also feature something called “Assault Actions,” where protagonists from previous entries in the Star Ocean series can come to your aid. Players will be able to acquire special in-game items called “jewels,” which will grant them the ability to summon each character.

Here are the characters that can be

  • Edge
  • Fayt
  • Fidel
  • Laeticia
  • Roddick
  • Raymond
star ocean the second story r key art

Star Ocean The Second Story R is scheduled to release on November 2, 2023, for PS4, PS5, Switch, and PC via Steam.

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